Area of Application

Our technology is deployed in various applications across the globe. As a manufacturer of electrolysers, we are not integrating the final use cases. This is done by our customers and partners. Here is a small selection of those.

Electricity Storage

The world’s energy systems are shifting from fossil fuels to renewable sources of power. Solar and wind electricity needs to be stored at times of oversupply for later use. Hydrogen can be stored losslessly over a long period of time and later transformed back into electricity when required.

Application: Enapter electrolysers provide an electricity storage option for residential, commercial, industrial and remote areas. Hydrogen is an ideal solution for seasonal storage and backup power (i.e. telecom, critical infrastructure). Rural electrification and microgrids can also be powered by this green fuel. 

Advantages: No fossil energy sources are needed to power these sites. Complete onsite energy independence is possible. There is no fuel cost, so the OPEX is very low. Overall it is a safe and reliable system.

Use Cases
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microgrid in Mafate consisting of green field with several houses with solar panels on the roof
Mafate microgrid

Mafate, La Réunion

Peak shaving with hydrogen

Loire Acquitaine, France

solar panels on red frame in a field
Rural electrification

Kyenjojo, Uganda

man smiling in front of on-site hydrogen production unit
Residential all-in-one solution, Picea

Zusmarshausen, Germany

hydrogen electrolyzer, hydrogen tanks, and fuel cells for home energy independence
Residential storage

Münster, Germany

Phi Suea house on green grass with palm trees and blue sky in background
Residential multi-home, Phi Suea House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

two houses with solar panels completely covered in snow in mountains
Hydrogen seasonal storage

Col du Palet, The Alps, France

red telecom base station in front of blue sky
Telecom base station

Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia