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Year-round clean energy supply for Fort Island Pampus

Pampus, Netherlands

Enapter’s Dutch integration partner Rengineers has created a brand new, sustainable energy supply for Fort Island Pampus in the Netherlands – including locally-produced green hydrogen from Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers. In 1895, Pampus was an ultra-modern defense structure; during war, 200 soldiers could survive off-grid on the island for three months. After laying in ruins for decades following the advent of military aviation, the island has now been transformed into a role model for innovative and decentralised clean energy supply and circularity.

Powered by wind, sun and bio-fermentation, a combination of green hydrogen, lithium batteries, thermal storage and heat pumps provides fossil-free energy storage all year round.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 8 x EL 4
Dryer 1 x DRY 2.1
Water Tank 1 x WTM 2.1
Energy Management System Enapter EMS Toolkit
Date of commissioning 2024
Partner Rengineers

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