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Solid-state H2 storage for long-duration energy

Fort Worth, USA

The US cleantech firm Harnyss’s containerised hydrogen storage solution ‘Oasis’ uses local renewables and our AEM Electrolysers to produce and store green hydrogen onsite. Enapter’s proprietary dryer module ensures fuel grade H2 purity to reconvert to electricity.
The system utilises graphene-based, solid-state supercapacitors for long-duration energy storage – making it 100% recyclable, 70% biodegradable and without rare earth minerals. Harnyss’s Oasis can store energy from renewables for long durations and dispatch them when needed, allowing for grid stabilisation and also for completely off-grid power without the need for an additional generator.
Combined with an advanced energy server that allows to blend power, the containerised system can provide customers with robust clean power even when solar or wind are not performing at their peak – by pulling from other power sources like the grid or a fuel cell and blending the two sources together to provide consistent power.
Their Oasis H2 Energy Storage system, produced in Fort Worth, Texas, operates at lower pressure and eliminates the need for compression equipment and the power required to operate that equipment. It’s a perfect match with Enapter’s outlet pressure of up to 35 bar. For now, Harnyss’s focus is on the market for mobile, remote, space-constrained emergency backup power systems, often in locations where dirty diesel power is currently used.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 2 x EL 2.1
Dryer 1 x DRY 2.1
Water Tank 1 x WTM 2.1
H2 Storage 2.4 Kg of solid-state hydrogen storage (160 kWh of instantaneous storage using supercapacitors)
Storage pressure up to 35 barg
Source of energy 52kWp PV
Fuel cell 4.8kW Intelligent Energy
Operational since February 2024
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