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Mobile Nanogrid for disaster response

Michigan, United States

In response to climate change and increasing extreme weather events, Michigan-based Sesame Solar created the world’s first 100% mobile, renewable Nanogrid – a self-contained power generation system requiring only sun and water. Utilising retractable solar arrays and green hydrogen, their Nanogrids can start serving entire communities with power within 15 minutes – even in remote areas. The systems can be tailored to the community’s needs, for example in medical centers, for water filtration, or to provide communication services.
The green H2 is produced inside the Nanogrid with the retractable solar array providing the energy to charge the lithium ferro phosphate battery storage system and to produce green hydrogen via our plug & play AEM Electrolysers. The green hydrogen is then stored at low pressure (less than 300 psi) in onboard solid-state hydrogen tanks, which can be easily and safely transported. When there’s no sun or battery power, the onboard hydrogen fuel cell uses the stored H2 to charge the batteries. Small wind turbines can also be added.
Current customers include telecommunications companies such as Comcast and Cox, and various emergency response organizations.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) Maximum three AEM single-core depending on use case
H2 Storage Varies from application to application
Storage pressure Usually 30 bar
Fuel cell Up to 8 kW based on form factor and size
Batteries Up to 105 kWh battery storage based on form factor and size
Operational since June 2022
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