Supporting your first AEM electrolyser integration: expert consulting for green hydrogen project design and commissioning

With a deep understanding of AEM electrolysis technology, the Enapter Service team collaborates closely with you to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your next project. From initial concept to full-scale MW operation, we are committed to supporting the success of your and your customer’s green hydrogen initiatives through planning and seamless implementation.

Consulting Service

Our products are modular, and we’ll help you customize your electrolyser according to your or your customer’s needs and budget. We also guide you through which BOP products to include in the energy system.

System Integration Service

Our products are simple to integrate, and we’re here to support you to ensure a successful commissioning at your customer’s site. We are there with you from electricity input to the hydrogen output of our electrolysers.

Software consulting

We support and advice on how to integrate any energy device into a unified energy network and help you to create a comprehensive energy management system for private, industrial or residential systems of any size and complexity.


From safety to hands-on trainings, we offer comprehensive sessions for first time and seasoned system integrators to become experts in AEM electrolyser deployment.

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