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Biomass & power-to-gas for Bio-LNG

Hohenheim, Germany

The University of Hohenheim’s ProBioLNG research project aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative and highly efficient process chain for the production of biomethane-based fuels. These alternative fuels can be used liquefied as Bio-LNG in the heavy-duty, maritime, construction and agricultural machinery sectors. The production of the novel fuels is based in equal parts on biomass and power-to-gas processes, so that the research project makes a contribution to both sector coupling and the energy transition in the transport sector.
In this pilot plant that is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), green hydrogen and carbon dioxide are converted to methane in a methanation reactor. In the process, a green methane content of up to 97% can be achieved. Our partners from H2 Core Systems provided the project with two cabinets including 8 AEM Electrolysers, 2 Dryers, a water tank module, and a water purification system. The hydrogen produced is to be temporarily stored in a Type IV hydrogen tank as a buffer.
The next step is to build a complete demonstration plant. The modularity of our AEM Electrolysers allows for a simple scaling of hydrogen production at a later stage.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 8 x EL 2.1
Dryer 2 x DRY 2.1
Water Tank 1 x WT 2.1
H2 storage H2 storage
Storage pressure 35 bar
Operational since January 2023
Partner H2 Core Systems

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