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Mafate microgrid

Mafate, La Réunion

The caldera “Cirque de Mafate” on the pristine La Reunion island is only accessible by foot. Nestled in the mountains, the energy system needs to live up to the challenge of providing 10 days of autonomy if solar is not available. The hydrogen backed energy system is completely fossil fuel-free and provides energy to several houses, a school, a workshop and medical dispensary. The system, named SAGES (Smart Autonomous Green Energy System) was designed in cooperation by Electricité de France and Powidian.

More information here (in French).

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 1 x EL 2.1
H2 storage 3 kg / 1,100 L
Photovoltaic (PV) 8.7 kWp
Fuel cell 5 kW
Batteries 15.6 kWh
Operational since 2017
Partner / Implementer Powidian / EDF

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