AEM Electrolyser EL 4: Jumpstart your green hydrogen production

With over 5,000 units deployed worldwide, our single-core electrolysers enable the swift start of your green hydrogen journey.

Whether replacing grey H2, creating new applications or installing long-term energy storage, our patented AEM technology scales up as you do: Take single electrolysers to pilot your solutions and easily expand with extra modules for greater green hydrogen capacity.

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AEM Electrolyser EL 4 specifications

Scalable and modular

Quick and easy installation

Low maintenance requirements

Liquid- & air-cooled variants available

Production rate

500 NL/h or 1.0785 kg/24h

Hydrogen purity

99.9% (or > 99.999% with optional Dryer)

Outlet pressure

up to 35 barg

Module dimensions

W: 482 mm D: 635 mm H: 266 mm

Module weight (without water)

42 kg

We make deploying green hydrogen easy: Our AEM Electrolysers are plug-&-play devices with all the technical documentation you could need – but you can also call on the Enapter Services Team to help you get your green hydrogen project started today.

AEM Electrolyser EL 4 green hydrogen applications

Prove your H2 business model
Whether you are building a refuelling station, replacing fossil gas in industrial processes or trialling decarbonisation with renewable hydrogen: Join hundreds of customers who have demonstrated their solution with our electrolysers.

Electricity storage needs (<70 kW)
From backup power to electrifying remote locations, providing telecom towers with uninterrupted supply or even supporting critical buildings and homes, our EL 4 unlocks small-scale power storage at the cost and capacity you need.

Regular green hydrogen supply (<50kg)
Small-to-medium businesses and laboratories need small amounts of hydrogen for their daily operations, in use cases ranging from nitrogen purification to experimental consumption. Our AEM Electrolyser EL 4 meets your needs from day one.

Testing, research & development
Your university or research centre can test fuel cells, combustion engines, boilers and more with green hydrogen produced on-site with our EL 4 electrolyser. Teach the next generation of hydrogen specialists with easy-to-use AEM technology.

Carbon-free ammonia production

Craig Baartman, VP Manufacturing - Starfire Energy

"We started using Enapter's EL series of electrolyzers three years ago. They were the best combination of price and performance for the small-scale prototype ammonia system we were building then. As our needs have grown, Enapter's capabilities have been growing too. We are excited to see how they are integrating their electrolyzer stack into their new Multicore 1 MW modular electrolyzer offering. We believe that the future of energy is modular, and we are glad to see Enapter moving down that road."

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Autonomous energy management

Brad Arnold, Operations Developer - Creo

"Creo have been Enapter’s partner for many years now and we're always immensely impressed with their products and how quickly they are able to innovate. Due to their modular capabilities, Enapter’s electrolysers are ideal for both small and large projects; coupled with their extremely good reliability, they provide a perfect solution for our clients."

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H2Powerplant for backup energy & self-sufficiency

Richard Schmidt, Business Development - Wilo

"We are very happy with the Enapter EL 2.1. These electrolysers are a perfect addition to our H2Powerplant.”

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