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Green hydrogen production for the naval sector

La Spezia, Italy

Historic Italian boat builder Baglietto is working hard on new sustainable energy sources for the naval sector, and their Bzero project is based on the use of green hydrogen to achieve zero emission goals. The system prototype is now being developed, and an identical, though smaller-scale system will then be installed on Baglietto yachts over 50 m in length. The BZero system is based upon a H2 production module which uses filtered and deionised sea water to produce green hydrogen with 5.0 purity grade at a maximum pressure of 35 bar using our AEM Electrolysers, developing an overall power of approx. 55 kW. The electrolysers are primarily powered by solar energy in addition to the on-shore power grid.

The H2 thus produced is then stored in the solid state inside metal hydride cylinders at low pressure and room temperature. The process of storing and releasing the hydrogen from the hydrides is managed by a thermal management system that heats up (during H2 discharge) and cools down (during charging) the metal hydrides. The thermal energy required comes from the heat produced by the PEM-type fuel cell module (approx. 200kW), which uses H2 as fuel to produce zero-pollutant and zero-noise electricity for the yacht.

The prototype will be used to develop operation procedures, optimise technical solutions, and obtain the certifications required to use the system on board yachts and refill the tanks, either independently, or from an external source (making up for the lack of infrastructure in the former case and reducing refuelling time in the latter). The system’s power station also partially contributes to the shipyard’s energy production cycle, becoming part of an integrated system.


Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 10 x EL 4.0
Storage pressure 35 bar
Operational since 2023
Partner Baglietto

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