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H2PowerBox off-grid power supply

Clayton, Australia

The H2PowerBox is a standalone hydrogen power solution developed by Australian engineers from the Clayton Hydrogen Technology Cluster, GreenRen Power and Deloitte Emissions Solutions. The turnkey trailer-mounted system is designed to transition off-grid systems from conventional polluting diesel generators to a more sustainable and entirely renewable power source.
During the day, excess power from the no-glass solar panels is directed to producing green hydrogen from our AEM EL 4 electrolysers. Thanks to the Enapter dryer it uses, the H2 is of 99.999% purity and can then be stored at low pressures. At night or when there’s not enough sunshine, the stored hydrogen can be reconverted to electricity in a quiet and clean matter using integrated fuel cells.
Placed on site, the H2PowerBox is a portable, low-footprint solution for remote and off-grid energy users that can be monitored remotely and left to generate continuous power – with minimal maintenance requirements and no need for diesel refuelling. The H2PowerBox can be used for many different applications such as: telco towers; winery, brewery and agriculture operations; construction, lighting, road and rail; healthcare facilities and emergency back-up power; and off-grid festivals and events
Multiple units can also be combined to meet larger power requirements. An intelligent energy management system ensures efficient control of the entire process, from solar energy capture to hydrogen production, thereby optimising performance, reliability and sustainability.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 4 x EL 4
Dryer 1 x DRY 2.1
Date of commissioning 2024
Partner GreenRen Power

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