AEM Flex 120: The electrolyser fitting your production needs

Our AEM Flex 120 enables your streamlined launch of green hydrogen in pilots ranging from industrial process heat to refuelling.

Flexible configuration from 70kW to 480kW guarantees a match with your budget and hydrogen production requirements. The modular design ensures reactivity to intermittent renewable energy, built-in redundancy and freedom to scale when you need it.

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AEM Flex 120 Specifications

Extremely high availability and built-in redundancy

Automated & remote operation with our EMS

Ideal for on-site hydrogen production

Low maintenance requirements

Production rate

25 Nm³/h | 53.9 kg/24h

Hydrogen purity

99.95% (or 99.999% with optional Dryer)

Outlet pressure

up to 35 barg

Module dimensions

L: 3.2 × W: 2.5 × H: 3 m

Module weight (without water)

3,700 kg

We make deploying green hydrogen easy: Our AEM Electrolysers are plug-&-play devices with all the technical documentation you could need – but you can also call on the Enapter Services Team to help you get your green hydrogen project started today.

AEM Flex 120 green hydrogen applications

Process heat
Companies using natural gas for process heat are swapping to green hydrogen to fire up their furnaces. The AEM Flex 120 lets brick, ceramics and plastics makers reduce operational costs over time via gas blending, work towards eliminating fossil fuels dependency and establish their sustainability leadership.

Pilot refuelling stations
Designed for efficiency and scalability, our flexible electrolyser enables on-site hydrogen production from fluctuating renewable energy, meeting the demands of pilot projects and the next stages of growth. Reduce reliance on external suppliers, and pave the way for a sustainable hydrogen-driven future.

Energy storage
From peak shaving to long-term storage strategies, this electrolyser offers a versatile solution harnessing excess energy to produce hydrogen. Companies are empowered to put their decarbonisation and self-sufficiency plans into action; energy developers get the most value for grids and communities.

Industrial use
Green hydrogen is replacing grey hydrogen as an industrial feedstock to make foodstuffs, chemicals like ammonia and methane, and more. Our AEM Flex 120 helps industrial firms to rapidly pilot their green hydrogen production and use, opening the door to rapid scaling and full replacement of grey H2.

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