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Green hydrogen lab for industry & transport

Ilha do Fundão island, Brazil

Located on Brazil’s Ilha do Fundão island, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) UFRJ’s Solar Energy and Green Hydrogen Laboratory uses nine single-core AEM Electrolysers to produce onsite green hydrogen. This research project is aimed at analysing the use of green hydrogen in industrial processes, electricity production via solid oxide fuel cells and the search for sustainable alternatives in mobility and aviation in particular.

The UFRJ’s research project emerged as a cooperation project with GIZ, The German Agency for International Cooperation, and Coppe, Latin America’s largest center for research and education in engineering. With Enapter’s dryers, the green hydrogen produced reaches 99.999% purity and is stored at 400bar for mobility use.

The project, planned and commissed by Enapter integration partner H2 Core Systems, also explores the feasibility of urban micro mobility with two H2 bicycles. Each has 150 km of autonomy and a fuel cylinder with a capacity of two liters of hydrogen that can be recharged in just two minutes.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 9 x EL 4
Dryer DRY 2.1
Storage pressure 400 bar
Energy Management System Enapter EMS Toolkit
Operational since 2023
Partner H2 Core Systems

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