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CO2 & green hydrogen-utilizing biomethanation

Pasching, Austria

Krajete GmbH uses archaea microorganisms to catalyse the conversion of green H2 and CO2 into green methane for many applications. The Austrian company is now developing a biomethanation system that can function independent of grids, using 100% renewable energy to generate green hydrogen with AEM Electrolysers and sourcing CO2 with carbon capture technology or by directly upgrading biogas.

The high purity methane produced in the project so far has been used for methane mobility, with strong CO2-emission reductions compared to fossil fuel use. Krajete also sees potential for use in villages, communities and stand-alone houses – enabling energy storage and low-emission heating.

Electrolyser (AEM single-core) 1 x EL 2.1
Operational since 2021
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