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Производство безуглеродного аммиака

Aurora, USA

Starfire Energy has developed a modular, flexible process to turn air, water, and clean electricity into ammonia – a hydrogen- and energy-dense liquid fuel with zero CO2 emissions when used in internal combustion or fuel cell applications.

Starfire initially incorporated two EL 2.0 Electrolysers into a prototype 10 kg/day ammonia production system, which takes nitrogen from the air and hydrogen, turning them into pressurised liquid ammonia.
It is now scaling this technology up to a 0.1 tonne/day system featuring 21 EL 2.1 Electrolysers, on its way to even larger commercial modular plants starting from 5 tonne/day.

Electrolyser 10,500 NL/hr
COD 2021
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