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Zero-emission steam-generated power

West Dean, United Kingdom

Steamology has developed a green hydrogen steam turbine power system with potential for uses from off-grid electrification through to diesel engine replacement. Initially created for use in Kenya through a collaboration with Strathmore University and other key partners, the containerised system will stay in the UK for further development due to COVID-19 disruptions. Drawing on 600KW of rooftop solar, the scaleable solution uses three Enapter electrolysers to make green hydrogen. It then combusts this and its by-product of oxygen in Steamology’s emission-free steam generator, driving a turbine with high-pressure superheated steam and generating electrical power.

Electrolyser 1,500 NL/hr capturing hydrogen & oxygen gas
Turbine 25 – 400kW
Hydrogen & Oxygen storage Scalable for required duty cycle
Pressure 150 bar
PV 600kWp 
COD 2021
Partner Steamology