microgrid puzzle with missing piece

22 Jun 2020



Ditching the diesel: hydrogen microgrids

The world looked on in disarray as oil prices went negative for the first time in history. This wasn’t the only covid-induced consequence, an economic global recession followed. Now, thought leaders a...

AEM electrolyser with cables in front of white background

8 Apr 2020



AEM Electrolyser put to the (EMC) test

All electronic devices have the potential to emit electromagnetic signals and interfere with each other. We interact with these devices on a daily basis. It’s not just our smartphone and laptop; house...

10 Oct 2019



The Big Thing 2019: hands-on hydrogen workshops

If you thought building a microgrid without fossil fuels wasn’t possible, think again! We built a solar-hydrogen-microgrid in a few hours to show the versatility of hydrogen as an energy carrier.  To ...

10 Apr 2019



Enapter wins Start Up Energy Transition Award

More than 450 companies from over 80 countries applied, with 15 becoming finalists at the Start-Up Energy Transition (SET) festival 2019 in Berlin. It was Enapter that came out on top for the Low Carb...

29 Nov 2018



The Lowdown on Microgrids

Microgrids offer complete energy independence and resilience to shock. Gone are the days of microgrids existing only in remote islands and rural communities, some of the most industrialised areas in t...


Enapter is an award-winning company. It manufactures highly efficient, modular hydrogen generators using Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysis. Its core technology has a 10-year proven track record. It is the foundation for the unique low-cost, compact electrolyser.

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