2 employees working with the AEM Electrolyser in a manufacturing lab

Our Product

2 employees working with the AEM Electrolyser in a manufacturing lab

Electrolysers are delivered with innovative and easy to integrate software. Together they are the building blocks of a green future.

front view of the AEM Electrolyser with buttons and handles
  • Standardised
  • Scalable
  • Flexible
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black smartphone displaying Enapter Energy Management Software
Half of the AEM Electrolyser beside a black smartphone
Provided with Energy
Management System
  • Cloud and Dashboards
  • Universal Communication Modules
  • Mobile Application
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Use Cases

Our electrolysers are used in 33 countries.

grey map of the world with blue pinpoints on countries
Mafate microgrid

Mafate, La Réunion

Peak shaving with hydrogen

Loire Acquitaine, France

solar panels on red frame in a field
Rural electrification

Kyenjojo, Uganda

Residential storage

Münster, Germany

Hydrogen seasonal storage

Col du Palet, The Alps, France

Telecom base station

Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia

3 AEM electrolysers stacked on top of each other in a white and green container in Australia
Renewable methane production

Queensland, Australia

Nitrogen purification system with electrolyzer
Nitrogen purification

Moreira, Portugal

aerial view of several buildings with solar panels beside fields
Residential heating with hydrogen

Rozenburg, The Netherlands

Hydrogen fuel cell car - Hyperion
Hyperion Motors: Hypercars

Los Angeles, USA

black and white aircraft on runway with mountains in background
Hydrogen aircrafts

United Kingdom

front of two AEM electrolysers inside a mobile hydrogen fuel station with the doors open
Fuel cell drone refueling

Liaocheng, China

Hydrogen-based microgrid energy system

Kharagpur West Bengal, India

part of bioreactor
Biocatalytic power-to-methane

Dörentrup, Germany

Hydrogen tanks and AEM electrolyser for university research
Solar-battery-hydrogen microgrid

Chiang Mai, Thailand