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Hybrid hydrogen energy storage system

New South Wales, Australia

LAVO has created the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines with rooftop photovoltaics to act like a solar sponge, storing and delivering reliable, renewable and sustainable power whenever it is needed. The self-contained system uses an Enapter electrolyser to create green hydrogen from water for later use, stores this in its patented metal hydride batteries and converts it back to electricity via a fuel cell when necessary. It offers more than 40KWh of safe, long-term storage, suitable for residential and business use and capable of powering the average Australian home for 2 days.

Electrolyser EL 2.1 DC
Fuel cell 4 kW max output
Hydrogen storage 35kg per vessel
Pressure 35 bar
PV 6.5 kW
Battery 5kWh UZ battery
Partner LAVO