Enapter Named as Earthshot Prize Finalist

AEM Electrolysers up for prestigious award founded by Prince William

September 17, 2021

We are thrilled to have been announced as an inaugural finalist in the Earthshot Prize, as part of an unprecedented global search for the most inspiring and innovative solutions to the greatest environmental challenges that face our planet. Created by HRH Prince William and The Royal Foundation, the Earthshot Prize aims to mobilise collective action around humanity’s unique ability to innovate, problem-solve and repair our planet.  
Enapter Co-founder Vaitea Cowan says being selected as a finalist for the “Fix Our Climate” Earthshot Goal reflects the company’s ethos of urgent climate action. “We are over the moon to be recognised by the EarthShot Prize, and their support in scaling production of our AEM Electrolysers for green hydrogen will enable us to have an even greater impact.” 
Our mission is to make green hydrogen affordable and accessible to all by reducing the cost of AEM water electrolysis to make it competitive with fossil fuels. But why is this important? 

A solution to the 80:20 problem 

While the world is making strong progress in transitioning to renewable electricity generation, the problem is that electricity is only 20% of global energy consumption. The other 80% is in the form of fuels and gases – mostly fossil fuels. We need a green substitute. 

Solution: Green hydrogen is an emission-free gas made from renewable energy and water using electrolysers – a process called water electrolysis. Our customers in 40 countries already use our AEM Electrolysers to replace fossil fuels in sectors ranging from residential energy storage to mobility, industry, power-to-gas, heating and research. 

Scaling our green hydrogen solution 

Our AEM Electrolysers are compact modules that can be combined to produce green hydrogen at any scale. They’re easy to install and importantly, they’re standardised. This standardisation makes them perfectly suited for mass production, which will create the economies of scale to massively sink the cost of electrolysers and put them in hands of all.  
To achieve this mass-production, we’ve just launched construction of the Enapter Campus; a site in Germany where, starting from 2023, we’ll make 10,000 green hydrogen generators per month. This is just the start: We’re treating this as the blueprint for further expansion since we’re working towards an annual CO2 reduction of at least 600 million tonnes by 2050.  
Regardless of who wins the Earthshot Prize, we’re proud to be recognised among fellow changemakers and even more determined to roll out green hydrogen with urgency. 
For media enquiries about the award, please email Martin Jendrischik – pr@enapter.com – and visit earthshotprize.org for more information.