About Us

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Enapter designs and manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators. The core technology is built on unique and patented Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysis. Our vision is to pave the way for clean energy by replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen and making it accessible.

The origins go back to ACTA Spa, a company founded in 2004 specialising in the research and development of fuel cells and AEM electrolysis. With a 10+ year track record, they presented the first electrolyser in 2012. A few of those prototypes went to Thailand where Sebastian-Justus Schmidt developed a residential microgrid project for the world famous Phi Suea House. The Phi Suea House became the world’s first sustainable multi-house residence fully powered by solar panels using hydrogen technology. It is a global showcase for residential hydrogen storage and continues to attract widespread media attention. Sebastian went on to set up Enapter in 2017 and received the proven core technology, patents and original electrochemistry team. Since the takeover, Enapter has transformed the team, product and industry, emerging as one of the most innovative pioneers of green hydrogen electrolysers.

Today the AEM electrolyser is a standardized, stackable and flexible design that produces hydrogen on-site. Paired with advanced energy management software, it can be easily integrated and operated remotely. Essentially a PEM 2.0 technology, the AEM electrolyser uses a semipermeable membrane to allow anions to pass. This result is flexibility, fast response time, high current density and high purity hydrogen. As it doesn’t operate in a highly corrosive environment, it doesn’t require expensive noble metal catalyst materials (iridium or platinum) or large amounts of titanium. These unique benefits allow Enapter to build an electrolyser as a product or ultimately a commodity. Our technology allows people and businesses to use green hydrogen every day. We aim to mass produce the AEM electrolyser, reducing the cost of green hydrogen and making it accessible; similar to the cost reduction rates we have witnessed in the semiconductor and solar industry.

With offices across Europe and Asia, the company is spreading its message quickly and globally. Enapter’s AEM electrolysers are deployed in over 33 countries, revolutionising the way that energy is used in the transport, residential and industrial sectors. We have been recognised for our contribution to the industry by winning numerous awards and gaining the ‘EU Commission’s Seal of Excellence’.

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Our Vision

To live in a world where fossil fuels are no longer used and green hydrogen fuels and powers the world via renewable energy sources.

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Our Mission

To make green hydrogen affordable and accessible to all. We are reducing the cost of water electrolysis so hydrogen is competitive with fossil fuels.

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Big Hairy Audacious Goal

To be responsible for 10% of global hydrogen generation capacity by 2050. We work towards the overall goals set by the Hydrogen Council.

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