Front of the AEM Electrolyser from Enapter


A compact form that fits in any space for easy deployment.

4 cabinets each containing 5 Enapter AEM Electrolysers stacked on top of each other


Stack as many as you want and reach unlimited hydrogen flow rates.

Smartphone beside the Universal Communication Modules (UCM): ENP-RS485/ETH, ENP-HTE and ENP-RS485


Use with any energy system or device.

Key Features

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Patented Technology

AEM technology ensures fast response time and pure hydrogen.

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Fully Recyclable

If your electrolyser has reached its end of life, let us know, we'll recycle it.

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Cost Effective

We don’t need expensive noble metals or titanium plates to be efficient.

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Intrinsic Safety

Designed to be easy to use, and safe for people and environment.

EL 2.1 Specifications

Production Rate
500 NL/hr or 1.0785 kg/24 hr
Hydrogen Purity
~99.9% (or > 99.999% with optional Dryer)
Outlet Pressure
Up to 35 bar
Water Specification
<20 µS/cm (at 25°C)
Power Supply
200-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
480 × 594 × 310 mm (7U)
Weight (Without Water)
55 kg

Find more technical details about the EL 2.1 in our data sheet.

Datasheet (PDF 840 KB)

Energy Management System

Half of the AEM Electrolyser beside a black smartphone

A software-based monitoring and controlling solution to connect hydrogen production with your device. Green energy meets digitalisation.

AEM elecrolyser beside a black smartphone