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30 Set 2020



Hydrogen: Clearing up the Colours

At Enapter, we get out of bed every day to do what we can to solve climate change. Our approach: creating scalable electrolysers that use water electrolysis to replace fossil fuels with green hydrogen...

11 Set 2020



You can only win with friends

If you want to build something great, you need partners! We want to rid the world of fossil fuels and we need many friends to do so. We started the Enapter Partner Programme in April, and last week we...

11 Ago 2020



Introducing the White Paper

Since the beginning of Enapter we have been sharing our learnings, achievements, and goals. Simplicity and transparency are core principles we embrace on our mission. In the spirit of our core values,...

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Enapter è un'azienda vincente. Produce generatori di idrogeno modulari ad alta efficienza utilizzando elettrolizzatori AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane). La sua tecnologia ha una comprovata esperienza di 10 anni ed è la base per il suo elettrolizzatore: unico, compatto e a basso costo.

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