5 Top Hydrogen Fuel Technology Startups Impacting the Energy Industry

In StartUs Insights

Juli 6, 2020

Enapter was listed in the top 5 hydrogen fuel technology start-ups impacting the energy industry by StartUs Insights. In a list of 645 companies, Enapter’s AEM electrolyser was chosen as a solution to watch out for. The AEM electrolyser produces ultra-pure hydrogen with zero carbon emissions using renewable energy. It is first electrolyser on the market with an easy to integrate software platform (EMS). The electrolyser is deployed globally, delivering energy independence to a broad range of sectors. It is used for transport, fuel for heating, energy storage, mobility and power-to-gas. Enapter has expanded from one office in Germany to Italy, Russia and Thailand, employing over 90 people across various departments. The main site of production and R&D is based in Pisa, Italy. The Enapter Partner Programme was recently launched to cater for its growing global audience.

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