A big month for multi-core AEM Electrolysers – the scale up begins

Those of you who have followed Enapter for some time may be most familiar with our compact single-core electrolyser – the AEM EL 4 – but probably are already aware of our AEM Flex 120, Nexus 500 and Nexus 1000 electrolysers for larger green hydrogen needs. Many of our customers and partners start their journey with the EL 4 to swiftly pilot and prove their hydrogen production, and as this month’s news shows, are now starting to scale up. Read on for the full story and more from the Enapter world.

July 2, 2024

AEM Nexus 500 sales in EU & Canada

Some big news from last month: Enapter received orders to deliver containerised AEM Electrolysers for Europe’s largest renewable energy research project and a Canadian Clean Hydrogen Hub.

The prestigious Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) ordered one of our AEM Nexus 500 electrolysers with 500 kW production capacity. This will be used as part of Europe’s largest research infrastructure project for renewable energies – ‘Energy Lab’ in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg.

Enapter has also received another order for an AEM Nexus 500 from Canada.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Burnaby, British Columbia, will deploy the 0.5MW-sized electrolyser as part of the “Clean Hydrogen Hub” research project. The hydrogen produced on site will be made available for industrial companies and researchers to use.

Both orders build on earlier deployment of Enapter’s single-core electrolysers, with KIT being an Enapter customer since 2020 and Ensol Systems Inc. – our integration partner responsible for the SFU project implementation – previously having ordered our smaller systems.

These are two more good examples of how you can quickly start piloting a relatively small hydrogen system to significantly scale up in a second step.

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Official Inauguration of The Hydrogen Terminal

The Hydrogen Terminal by siz energieplus was officially inaugurated last month – and we are proud to say that our AEM Nexus 1000 is one of the centrepieces within this MW-sized research project. Located at the Braunschweig Research Airport and spanning 4,700m², the Hydrogen Terminal serves as a hub for research expertise along the H2 value chain in the megawatt range.

At its core is our containerised 1 MW AEM Nexus 1000 electrolyser. Equipped with 420 modular AEM Stacks, this first commercial unit is capable of producing up to 450 kg of H2 per day. Powered by an impressive local PV system, this Nexus ordered through our integration partner H2 Core Systems GmbH will supply green hydrogen and processed electrolysis waste heat for various applications.

The inauguration was a festive event, including high-ranking guests from politics, business and research, specialist workshops, keynote speeches and a public open day. Check out a video summary from the big day over on LinkedIn (commentary in German).

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Enapter & Clean H2 at H2 Tech Expo Houston

Enapter joined our exclusive US distributor, Clean H2, Inc., at the H2 Tech Expo in Houston, Texas last week – and what a difference one year has made in the US market!

2024 saw around double the previous year’s attendees, a much better understanding of hydrogen among those present and a clear trend that the major electrolyzer manufacturers appreciate the benefits of AEM electrolyzer technology and are looking to develop their own. Another takeaway for attendees: Enapter is synonymous with AEM Electrolysers as the pioneer and market leader – and our technology is years ahead in successful development and deployment.

In addition to meeting with familiar faces and future customers at the H2 Tech Expo, we also hosted our first customer training and “train the trainer” technical training with Clean H2. The aim: building up a local service chain with competent local partners to further speed up and support our logistics and rollout in North America.

Moving forward, the plan is to offer this training twice a year in the USA, giving partners and customers valuable insights into green hydrogen and Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers.

Interested in starting your green H2 project in the USA? Contact our partner Clean H2, Inc. at www.cleanh2.energy.

New H2 use cases from our partners

This month’s use cases take us as far apart as South America and the west of Germany:

  • In Colombia, our partner TRA Busso Group teamed up with researchers of the Universidad de Antioquia and the University of La Guajira to kick off a joint project developing a power-to-gas system using renewable energy surpluses and our AEM Electrolysers EL 4. The project produces both green H2 and methane, as well as tech for consumption. Read more here.
  • On the Dutch Fort Island Pampus, our integration partner Regineers has created a lighthouse project for innovative and decentralised clean energy supply and circularity. Powered by wind, sun and bio-fermentation, a combination of green hydrogen, lithium batteries, thermal storage and heat pumps provides clean energy all year round. Check out this project here.
  • Meanwhile, in Lower Saxony, close to the Enapter Campus, our partner HPS installed the first of their next-gen Picea 2 electricity storage systems. Their green H2-based all-season electricity storage system for buildings now delivers optimised customer benefits, increased performance and even more efficient maintenance and installation. Get all the details here.

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Job Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented new additions to our team, and here are our picks of our job openings for this month – this time with a focus on Italy and Germany:

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