Enapter establishes China joint venture with Wolong – and that’s just the start

Enapter has always emphasised the importance of partners: Our suppliers, integration partners, customers, supporters and extended team allow us to make AEM Electrolysers a reality.

Februar 7, 2024

Enapter has always emphasised the importance of partners: Our suppliers, integration partners, customers, supporters and extended team allow us to make AEM Electrolysers a reality. And as we scale globally, we’re starting to welcome a new kind of partner such as Wolong Group – with whom we’ve just signed an agreement to establish a joint venture company to tap into the potential of the Chinese market. Read on for the news on this exciting partnership and all our global collaborations:

Foundation of joint venture with Wolong Group

Late last month we formally agreed to establish a joint venture company with Wolong Electric Group Co, Ltd in China – significantly expanding on our earlier 2023 framework agreement. This joint venture will acquire stacks from Enapter (manufactured in Pisa, Italy) and produce our AEM Electrolyser products locally in China to tap into the huge potential of the Chinese market.

Enapter will hold a 49% stake, granting an exclusive local licence for electrolyser sale and production, as well as providing engineering services and technical support to the venture. The Wolong Group will hold a 51% stake and contribute around EUR 2.0 million in cash to the company, as well as financing, production resources and local personnel to set up production as well as a sales and service network. Read the full story here.

With this contract – and following the recent announcement of the US cooperation agreement with Solar Invest International – Enapter is continuing to realise part of its communicated strategy of establishing international partnerships.

Find out about becoming an integration partner here or contact us about international partnerships.

AEM Nexus 1000 delivered to The Hydrogen Terminal

Despite low temperatures and frozen ground in the German winter wonderland, we have safely transported and installed the next AEM Nexus 1000 electrolyser. Together with our integration partner H2 Core Systems, we recently visited the MW-sized project of siz energieplus and the Technical University of Braunschweig – The Hydrogen Terminal.

Supplied by local renewable energies, our AEM Nexus 1000 will soon supply green hydrogen and processed electrolysis waste heat for various applications within this multi-purpose project.

Alongside deploying our electrolyser, significant progress has been made in and around the Hydrogen Terminal buildings and in its energy system components. The key handover is scheduled for Q2 2024. In the meantime, a big thanks to our local partner & construction specialist Wenker for their support!

Our AEM Nexus 1000 is a cost-effective alternative to traditional MW-class electrolysers. With 420 modular AEM Stacks, it forms a complete system capable of producing ~450 kg of hydrogen per day.

Request your budgetary quote for our AEM Nexus 1000 today!

Sparkasse’s Future Energy Supply at Enapter Campus

Last week, Enapter and Kreissparkasse Steinfurt hosted around 300 guests at the Enapter Campus to discuss “Energieversorgung der Zukunft” (Future Energy Supply) – what’s needed for a successful energy transition and what this means for businesses from all kinds of industries.

Ranga Yogeshwar – a German physicist and science journalist – gave the keynote outlook on what’s needed to drive energy transition globally and the challenges we have to overcome. Prof. Dr. Christof Wetter then took to the stage to give a deep dive on hydrogen, its history and status today.

Benedikt Berentelg, the Managing Director of ABC Klinkergruppe, explained why companies like theirs need hydrogen as a replacement for natural gas to decarbonize their production – and shared insights on how they integrated our AEM Flex 120 into their production and what the next steps are.

The evening closed with a panel discussion attracting audience questions ranging from green H2 to economics, society and mindsets. The most important conclusion: Everyone – individuals or companies – can and must take action today.

Decarbonising with green hydrogen is one such step; if you are interested taking action as ABC Klinker has done, then get in touch with us and request your AEM Electrolyser quote today.

Our events from winter to spring

The event calendar is starting to heat up, even while it stays cool in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s a rundown on where you can find us in the next months. Plus, we have 6 free tickets left for the H2 Forum fair this month in Berlin. They will go out first come first serve: please send an email to info@enapter.com to get yours. ICYMI you can still get 30% with the code H2F24PREMIUM at checkout for tickets.

Enapter exhibits:
• 19-20 Feb: H2 Forum, Berlin
• 28 Feb- 01 Mar: H2 & FC Expo Japan
• 22-26 Apr: Hannover Messe, Germany

Our team speaks:
• 4-7 Mar: World Electrolysis Congress, Düsseldorf (Co-founder Jan-Justus Schmidt)
• 18-22 Mar: CERAWeek, Houston (Co-founder Vaitea Cowan)
• May: H2 View Summit, UK (Co-founder Vaitea Cowan)

And remember, you can always find Enapter’s future events here.

Hydrogen meets history in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Europe – and has invested in a state-of-the-art H2 lab featuring Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers

With their 10 kW H2 project integrated by our Czech partner Valcon International, students and researchers in the Czech capital are using a fuel cell test bed to close the H2 cycle, as well as testing direct H2 combustion in an IC engine.

The project features four of Enapter’s single-core AEM Electrolysers to produce on-site green hydrogen that can then be stored at 35 bar for later research and testing purposes, while our dryer module also ensures fuel cell-grade H2 at 99.999% purity.

H2 education down under

Our Australian partner Aussie Fluid Power (AFP) is in the final stages of testing a system for Central Queenstown University (CQU) that includes our AEM EL 4 electrolyser, an Enapter dryer as well as our water tank module. The team is also using our Energy Management Software (EMS) toolkit.

Fittingly, the system will be used for vocational training at CQU, and we’re delighted to see that demand from further universities and other application areas continues to grow. One reason why:

Our single-core AEM Electrolysers are best-in-class for piloting, proving and eventually scaling green hydrogen projects. Do you already have yours in mind?

Then request your quote for our versatile AEM Electrolysers EL 4 today.

We’re always looking for talented new additions to our team, and here are our picks of our job openings for this month.

Electrical Technician / Electrical Master for Plant Construction / Elektriker
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Sales Representative – Italy
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If you don’t see the right position for you, please check out all of our open positions here.

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