Enapter fertigt Elektrolyseure und entwickelt Software für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen und Industriesektoren. Unser Partnernetzwerk unterstützt Endkunden in der Installation und Implementation dieser Anwendungen und entwickelt maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Sie. Unsere Partner erhalten von uns regelmäßig Schulungen und Trainings um unsere Produkte vor Ort bei Ihnen zu integrieren. So stellen wir sicher, dass Sie stets den besten Service erhalten.

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United States
ElektrikGreen is a system integrator that combines the technology advantages of Enapter products with unique system-level integration and control features that gives customers one of the most innovative, cost-efficient, and versatile home-based green energy storage products on the market today.

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Creo Group

United Kingdom
Certified renewable heat and ventilation engineers. Using the accredited CREO Build and renewable heating and ventilation systems the new building will in effect add zero carbon contributions to the environment over the operating life time of the building.


Malaysia / Indonesia / Philippines
MBRG manufactures the “Hydrogen Sponge”, a hydrogen-based renewable energy storage system (H-RES). The system produces hydrogen from renewables at times of oversupply for later use, thus maximizing renewable energy efficiency. We are "Powered by Nature".

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Energy autonomy at sea and on land; efficient and applicable anywhere thanks to the latest DC technology. Umstro enables you to achieve energy independence with a solution that can be optimised for capacity and performance, making it the optimal solution for multiple applications.

Bajog Electronic

Bajog offers solutions for clean energy generation and storage for single and multi-family homes as well as commercial buildings; Plug-n-Play solutions with fuel cells, electrolysers, DC/AC converters, batteries, hydrogen storage and high pressure hydrogen compressors along with an EMS.

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ProfiNRG is both wholesaler and installer of large-scale solar panel projects from 100kWp. We consciously choose to let both activities coexist. Now our portfolio is amended by hydrogen energy systems.

Pestech Energy

Pestech Energy (PEN) is a Renewable Energy Solutions Provider, aiming to deliver customized and sustainable solutions. Its core competencies revolve around end-to-end project delivery, from planning, design, and implementation of energy-related technologies and infrastructure.

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Producing electricity without negative environmental impact is PowiDian's motto. Pioneering stationary hydrogen energy, PowiDian provides solutions for microgrids, zero emission generators, autonomous energy for buildings and isolated sites. Expertise include study, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

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GRZ Technologies

GRZ Technologies based in Switzerland specialized in the energy storage in the form of hydrogen. Its technology, commercialized under the DASH trademark, enables the storage of hydrogen in a dense, safe and affordable manner.

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With its distribution channels diversified throughout India, Edu-Tek provides customized solutions on a turnkey basis for Hydrogen & Fuel cell-based Renewable Energy systems. Edu-Tek's niche in the market originates from its operational efficiency and impeccable services post-installation.

申乾科技 Shenqian Technology

在电解水制氢领域有多年的行业经验。 contact: 北京昌平区未来科学城海油科技园A座802 TEL: 86-10-5622-8866 邮箱

Beijing SinoHY Energy Co



New Zealand
Offering off-grid green solutions to everyday energy users. We generate off-grid green options tailored to each customer's energy requirements.


HPS has developed the world's first commercial and market available product for a CO2-free energy supply in single- and two-family homes. The picea®-system is based on green hydrogen and combines energy storage, heating support and indoor ventilation in one compact product.

House of Rainmakers

House of Rainmakers has business development specialties in the Energy & Mobility sectors. They always take 'human-centered' approaches and work with innovators around the world who can contribute to the Smart city project.


Reedyk provides tailor-made solutions for innovative entrepreneurs in the South-West region of the Netherlands, who want to make hydrogen part of their business; the supply and installation of electrolysers for hydrogen production from sustainable energy, and vehicles with hydrogen power from fuel cells.

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H2 Vector

We need a new fuel and thereby a new model, a complete solution. H2Vector is for hydrogen and for a power model at the service of man and environmentally friendly.