The Women of Enapter

Unveiling what it’s like to be a woman working at Enapter

März 7, 2022

International Women's week

The women at Enapter represent all ages and cultures. They are leaders, decision makers, and key contributors to our mission to making green hydrogen accessible for all. We interviewed women from four Enapter locations and got their perspectives on the challenges they tackle. We also asked them how it feels to work in male-dominated professions and what their experience of Enapter’s work environment has been like.

We have many heroines at Enapter. Today, we share a glimpse into their work and stories.

Valentina Mamberti

Position: Electrolyser Production Shift Leader, Pisa

“I was the first woman to be hired for the electrolyser production in Pisa. I’m proud of what I have built at Enapter. Since day one, I have found respect and help from my colleagues. In this company, I was able to grow, be valued and take the responsibility of leading a team.”

My typical day:

“I arrive to work 10-15 minutes before the starting time and as a good Italian does, I drink coffee to start the day well 😊. Then later I go into production, and I assign my team the various tasks to be carried out, according to the production needs of the day. Throughout the day, I supervise activities carried out by each person in production and support the team in their needs. Many times, I also personally contribute to the assembly of electrolysers or other components.”


“Every day has a new challenge! Some days are filled with activities to do. On other days, to mitigate material supply chain risks, we organize our work differently and build devices ahead of time. Surely the biggest challenge was at the end of 2021, where we reached our record of amount Electrolysers produced in 2 months. It was great teamwork!”

Work environment:

“From my point of view, this company offers everyone the opportunity to express themselves at their best and to be able grow professionally. We have hired many young people for their first job experience, trusting in them and watching them grow day-by-day. Unfortunately, this is not found in many companies nearby. So, I’m proud to give my contribution to Enapter.”

Guisela Farge Jurado

Position: CRM & Email Marketing Manager, Berlin

“The working culture is nice. And the people work well together. Regardless of their gender or nationality. I would say it’s very international as well. There’s a lot of diversity. And there’s different people with different experience in the company, which is very rich for me. Plus, I would say like, I have an engineering background, and I have worked with different type of roles and contexts. So, I feel it’s just very easy to work at Enapter since it’s a company that has so many technical staff, plus also a marketing team which is easygoing and very committed.”

My typical day:

“I usually have a couple of meetings to align on priorities with the team and make progress on how our key CRM and marketing activities are going on. I work a lot with my colleagues in marketing but also with the business development team. I’m responsible for the initiatives that find new customers and take care of our existing ones.”

On success:

“I would say being successful for me means to be able to develop a great relationship with your colleagues. Then, you can reach your objectives, whatever they are. So, when you’re comfortable in working together or brainstorming, then you get the results. I would say it’s like magic sometimes, you know, then you get things done at the end.”

Work environment:

“Based on my previous experience in other companies, the situation for women is quite good at Enapter. Often, in many companies, when they have a technical and engineering background or engineering focus, there are not too many women in this environment or in some departments. So, we need this kind of culture, to encourage young women to work more in different fields, studies and specializations that are more often led by men.”

Paulina Thomas

Position: Business Development Associate, Bangkok

“I do not have a technical background. I was able to learn and understand our easy-to-learn technology and all my colleagues ensured that I get the information and the guidance needed to get there.”

My typical day:

Because of the covid situation, I’m not always in the office, but when I am, I take the BTS (the sky train in Bangkok) to work. I share an office with my colleague Tanai and our current intern. I usually start my day by checking all my emails, seeing what’s happening with all my customers and clients, and the potential partners we are interacting with. The morning is usually quieter as our European colleagues are still asleep, so I can conduct some market research or analysis. Then in the afternoon, I have meetings with local clients and potential partners, and my European clients as well.”


“I moved from a mostly female industry to a mostly male industry which was quite the difference, so I adjusted the way I interact with others. I learned that in some situations, I need to put my foot down a bit more.”

Work environment:

“From my point of view, the best things are, first, the flat hierarchy, and then the support of my colleagues. We are all treated equally by our team lead and are always asked our opinions. Teams at Enapter are friendly with each other and do their best to help other colleagues, even if we work in different countries or continents. We take care of each other 😊. I really appreciated this from the very first day.”

Henrike von Hofe

Position: Project Engineer Factory Planning, Saerbeck

“I think HR is doing a very good job in getting the right people on board who have the right focus and are not focused on their ego. It’s not the company that leads the way, but the people themselves, so if we have the right people, then there is no toxic environment for women, because the right men and the right women are in the company. For my part, I try to support everyone, and I hope everybody tries to support everyone else.”

My typical day:

“Sometimes you have a couple of weeks of the same work, then everything changes again. Last year there were days that were never the same for an entire month. It’s always changing. Right now, I have a lot of meetings with Goldbeck and a lot of interior tasks.  For example: making a concept for all the coffee points or the barista area in the entrance hall or the workspace concepts. Each day, I work on figuring out how the campus is going to look like from the inside and from the outside.”

On success:

“I feel successful at my job when I’m given the freedom of doing tasks my own way. That shows trust and I really like that at Enapter. Plus, I have amazing colleagues and as a team, we’re definitely above average!”

Work environment:

“Enapter is my first real job. I don’t really have a comparison to what it’s like in other companies, but I feel like it’s above average for women as a technical environment. I don’t think we’re perfect. But, you know, probably no company is perfect in that area.  I think we’re a long way away from being 50: 50. And I don’t know if that’s realistic, in the next years. But in the context of a technical company, I think we’re on the good end of the spectrum. Enapter has about 30% women, which is amazing.”

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