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System Integration, Training Days

AEM Electrolyser EL 2.1 beside a tank of hydrogen

AEM Electrolyser EL 2.1

Enapter's patented standardized, stackable and flexible system for on-site hydrogen. 

The Big Thing 2019 multicoloured backdrop with pop art speech bubbles

The Big Thing: a week of Hydrogen

A series of workshops inviting experts in energy, science, economics, and politics, by Enpater.

Enapter co-founder Jan-Justus Schmidt speaks to host in front of audience at Hannover Fair Technical Forum 2019

2019 Hannover Fair Technical Forum

Enapter's Jan-Justus Schmidt on scaling decentralized hydrogen generation with the AEM.

Enapter co-founder, Vaitea Cowan, speaks on stage at Startup Energy Transition 2019

Startup Energy Transition 2019 Pitch

Enapter's Vaitea Cowan delivering the winning pitch at SET 2019 by DENA and WEC.

AEM Electrolyser on turquoise background beside text about Enapter

Building Blocks for Green Hydrogen

Enapter’s AEM electrolyser closes the gap: it couples all energy sectors with green electricity.

Vaitea Cowan from Enapter smiling during her pitch at the New Energy Challenge 2018

New Energy Challenge 2018 Pitch

Vaitea Cowan delivering Enapter's first winning pitch at Shell's New Energy Challenge 2018.