Enapter Wins HRH Prince William’s Earthshot Prize with Game-Changing Green Hydrogen Generating Technology

Fix our Climate

October 18, 2021

Berlin/London (18th October 2021); Enapter (WKN A255G0) has won the renowned Earthshot Prize, established by HRH Prince William and the Royal Foundation, in the category “Fix our Climate”. The cleantech company offers a solution for the production of green hydrogen, a gas which can replace fossil fuels using renewable energy. Its AEM Electrolyser green hydrogen generators are already used by customers in more than 40 countries, in sectors ranging from mobility to industry, power-to-gas, electricity storage, or heating and cooling.

The Earthshot Prize is an unprecedented global search for the most inspiring and innovative solutions to the greatest environmental challenges that face our planet. It aims to mobilize collective action around humanity’s ability to innovate, problem-solve and repair our planet.

“The Earthshot Prize and its Global Alliance will have an outsized impact in letting people know that modular green hydrogen production is a key solution for flipping global warming. The awareness and funding will accelerate our scale-up to mass production and into the different markets, helping us to make a significant dent in fossil fuel use by the culmination of the Earthshot Prize decade in 2030,” said Enapter’s CEO Sebastian-Justus Schmidt. To achieve this mass-production, Enapter has launched construction of the Enapter Campus – a site in Germany where, starting from 2023, it plans to make 10,000 electrolysers per month.

While the world is making strong progress in transitioning to renewable electricity generation, the problem is that electricity makes up only 20 per cent of global energy consumption. The other 80 percent is in the form of fuels and gases – mostly fossil fuels. Green hydrogen has the potential to be the sustainable substitute.

Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers are compact modules that can be combined to produce green hydrogen at any scale. They are easy to install and standardised: This standardisation makes them perfectly suited for the planned mass production, which would create the economies of scale needed to sink the cost of the modular electrolysers and put them in hands of all.

The £1 Million in prize money will be used in a pivotal part of the Enapter Campus mass production facility and to invest further in research and development.

Download the Enapter Earthshot press kit here

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Enapter is an award-winning energy technology company producing highly efficient hydrogen generators to replace fossil fuels. Its patented and proven Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology allows for the mass production of low-cost, plug-&-play electrolysers for green hydrogen at any scale. The modular systems are used in 40 countries in sectors like energy, mobility, industry, heating and telecommunications. Enapter has offices in Italy, Germany, Thailand and Russia.

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