Is there life after Hannover? Final assembly on 1st AEM Multicore & more!

Here’s your guide to the goings-on in the Enapter universe. 

Mai 9, 2023

AEM Multicore Arrival Bioenergiepark Saerbeckk

As our team lets out a collective deep breath after the year’s biggest conference date – the indomitable Hannover Messe – it’s a good time to stop and take stock of what’s coming next… Or it would be, if we had time to stop, which we don’t. So instead, here’s your guide to the goings-on in the Enapter universe. 

It’s Hann-over

We’ve just arrived back from Hannover Messe’s Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe exhibition and have plenty of impressions to share from the biggest event of the year! Interest in our AEM Electrolysers has only grown since 2022’s edition: this year’s event was an absolute whirlwind, we had one of the busiest stalls there, a special guest stopping by, and even more partners showing off Enapter products and projects.

As special guests go, Germany’s Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck was a particularly important and inquisitive one: he had plenty of questions on our AEM tech – and our off-grid Enapter Campus.


Want to get the full details? Check out our LinkedIn overview for all the details and event pics.

Enapter’s team also took to the big stage several times, and even if you missed out, you can still see our colleague Holger’s talk on  “Next Generation Electrolysers in Flagship Project H2Giga” on Youtube. And if you didn’t make it to Hannover, don’t fear; get your quote for AEM Electrolysers right here:

Partner power

In what might be our last mention of Hannover Messe in 2023, we also wanted to highlight those Enapter partners who joined us for a new series of talks presented straight from our event stall.  

  • On the Tuesday, Gero Böhmer from Wilo SE kicked things off by introducing Wilo’s new H2 PowerPlant solution, presenting details & insights from the “Wilo World” and showing how they integrate our electrolysers. All under the Motto “Energy Transition made in Dortmund”  
  • The next day, Frithjof Schmidt-Harries and Diana Steffen from H2 Core Systems were next to step up and say “Moin” to our audience. They showcased how it’s possible to commission AEM Electrolysers in just 30 minutes via Enapter’s EMS Toolkit. Together with our colleague Chris Münch, they also shared practical examples from the daily business of a system integrator. Check out their presentation via the following link
  • As we hit the final stretch on Friday, Niklas Ahlert from JA-Gastechnology presented JA-G’s solution that draws on stacked AEM Electrolysers to unlock diverse green hydrogen mobility solutions. Learn more about their solutions here.

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AEM Multicore: The final assembly arrives

Our first megawatt-scale electrolyser, the AEM Multicore, arrived in the Bioenergiepark next to the Enapter Campus in April. The final assembly has begun on site and we’re excited to share that this, the world’s first MW-scale AEM electrolyser, will be ready to run very soon.  And what can you do in the meantime? One option is to get your quote for an AEM Multicore today

Enapter signs WindEurope declaration 

The North Sea Summit gained plenty of attention last week as European leaders, including Olaf Scholz, and Emmanuel Macron met in the Belgian seaside city of Oostend to agree on a rapid build-out of offshore wind in the North Seas. 
At the same time, Enapter was one of more than 100 companies representing the whole value chain of offshore wind and renewable hydrogen to sign an Industry Declaration calling for such investments. We see such action as a great opportunity to push the policies needed to accelerate renewables deployment and renewable hydrogen scaling up. Read the declaration here

May Events from Münsterland to the Alps  

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was our only upcoming event, but we’ve got plenty more coming up – including the following dates when Enapter team members will take to the stage in the next months.  

And remember, you can always find Enapter’s future events here.

From Enapter to your ears

If you can’t catch Vaitea at the events above this month, no worries: you can also tune into her interview with the podcast: ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Saving the World’. This podcast is all about the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and goes on a journey around the globe to meet the people on the frontline of global issues like the climate crisis; those who are affected and those making a difference.  

Vaitea touches on how Enapter tackles SDGs 7 and 9, applications such as refueling stations for hydrogen aviation, the subsidies allocation gap between fossil fuels and renewables, and the exponential growth for the H2 industry that we see coming…. by 2026. Listen to the podcast here.

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