The 2021 Enapter Holiday Reading List

Green hydrogen reads to keep you warm this holiday season

Dezember 22, 2021

If you’ve lost track of what the “new normal” is supposed to be by now, you’re in good company. At Enapter, we’ve never been the ones to go with the flow anyway, so we’ve said adieu to normal entirely in 2021 and fully embraced the flip-flopping changes, rapid development, highest of highs and forehead-scratching challenges that this predictably unpredictable year has brought.

And just like last year, we’re sharing some of the most interesting green hydrogen reads we’ve come across that reflect this wild journey into decarbonisation and where it could be taking us next.

We hope you made it through 2021 in one piece – and also that the many pieces below provide enjoyable reading as you ramp down for the holidays.

The price is right

One of the key barriers to the widespread rollout of green hydrogen is famously its cost compared to less-than-green alternatives.  In 2021, this narrative started to break down:

Huge changes are underway in the green hydrogen industry, and these below are just a tiny taster:

The year in Enapter news

We thought 2020 was a big year for Enapter… Then came 2021:

Green Hydrogen at COP26

Say what you will about the outcome of COP26, but green hydrogen walked away as a winner:

Read no more!

Your eyes are probably weary after a long year; we get it. So here are a few eyes-optional picks:

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