AEM Electrolyser Put to the (EMC) Test

Under pressure and over performing

April 8, 2020

All electronic devices have the potential to emit electromagnetic signals and interfere with each other. We interact with these devices on a daily basis. It’s not just our smartphone and laptop; household devices like your TV, toaster and fridge are culprits when it comes to emissions. So, how can we be certain that Enapter’s AEM electrolyser EL2.1 doesn’t disturb other devices and vice versa – will other devices affect the EL2.1? We undertook EMC testing to find out!

Testing in progress

With the mass production of our AEM electrolyser on the horizon, we want to ensure the EL2.1 is just as reliable and safe as other common household appliances. We needed to prove it is a very low emitting device; one that is suitable for both household and industrial use and immune to possible EM disturbances. This is achieved through EMC testing. Our team in Pisa took to the Anechoic Chamber. While it might look like the spacecraft from 2001: A Space Odyssey, it’s actually an isolation room in a specialised testing lab. This room is capable of creating the most intense environments.

electrolyser in anechoic chamber

Over several days, the electrolyser was put through its paces. The team analysed the emissions of the EL2.1 under normal operating conditions before radiating the device with strong disturbance waves. They reviewed the machine’s real behavior during various stressful, climatic and extreme electromagnetic conditions in a standard lab. The impact test was also carried out to certify the electrical safety of the machine. A chrome plated steel ball weighing 500g was fired at the weakest part of the machine via a 2.5m chrome plated steel line. This took little persuasion for a volunteer to step up and swing at the machine! Touching the front of the electrolyser with an energy of about 6 Joules and a speed of about 20 km/h, we were more than impressed with the outcome. The machine continued to run safely, passing with flying colours!

Small but mighty

It may be compact, but the AEM electrolyser is a force to be reckoned with. After rigorous testing in the climatic chamber, the EL2.1 proved fully functionable from freezing temperatures (anti-freeze routine!) all the way up to an ambient temperature of 44ᵒC. Even in the most tropical and remote locations, you can rest assured that your electrolyser is still producing hydrogen. The tests have helped us to fully understand the relationship between the physical/mechanical aspects of the EL2.1 (cable type, cable length, position) and EM emissions. The emissions were very low when compared to other home devices while the immunity proved high in comparison to industrial devices. That means, your electrolyser won’t be affected by (or affecting) other devices.

Enapter understands how important it is for the electrolyser to be compatible with other devices that already exist in the home and on the market. This consciousness helped a lot in achieving successful results. Thank you to the team in Pisa, especially Andrea, Federico, Lorenzo, Anatoly, Aleksey, Nikolay, Carlo, David and Igor. We are now one step closer to the certification goal, which brings us one step closer to a green future. Next stop – CE marking!

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by Aoibhin Quinn