The 2022 Enapter Holiday Reading List

For relaxing times, make it green hydrogen time.

December 21, 2022

Welcome once again to the Enapter Holiday Reading list! We know your eyes must be tired after following the twists and turns of 2022, so let’s get into it without further ado.

The big news

2022 was a year of sea change for green hydrogen so let’s start with the broad strokes:

Hydrogen gets banked: H2 cash made headlines, including news on the growing H2Global green hydrogen funding instrument and on the EU’s plans for a hydrogen bank.  

The bear in the room: The world will never be the same after the invasion of Ukraine, prompting many takes on what the resulting energy crisis will mean for green hydrogen.

Prove your H2 is green: Making green hydrogen in the EU could soon get extra oversight –  producers may have to prove every quarter that it’s made with new renewable electricity.

Speaking of big: It’s been an exciting year for our megawatt-scale electrolysers, with the first  AEM Multicore powering up soon and more Multicore systems confirmed to go to Canada.

Have we reached a tipping point?

Spotting the S curve: The Rocky Mountain Institute believes green hydrogen is on track to undergo fast, beneficial and inevitable cost reduction and scaling following an “S-Curve”.
The decade of hydrogen? According to a Belgium professor and IRENA author, we may have reached the decade of green hydrogen.

Hitting the big stage: Another sign H2 has hit the mainstream came when it reached the main TED stage, with our co-founder Vaitea arguing how it could end the fossil fuel era.

Hydrogen hotspots:

Grid balancing in Germany: Research found that decentralised electrolysers of up to 5MW deployed across Germany could help balance its grid using only excess renewable energy.

(Also, check out our recent article on the balancing topic to see how this works in practice.)

Action in Africa: Although Europe has strong interest in African H2, six African countries have come together to launch the African Green Hydrogen Alliance in their own interests.

Selling Spanish sun: With plenty of space and PV potential, Spain is making a big push for green hydrogen, including megaprojects, a new pipeline – and some Enapter involvement.

Beyond the headlines

What happened at COP27: The latest climate conference made headlines for reasons good and bad… but what happened for green hydrogen? Actually, quite some announcements.

Electrolyser deep dive: For an in-depth read on the state of the art in electrolysers, this IEA report is a good bet (although they need to raise the TRL of our AEM Electrolysers).

The Enapter story: If you’ve ever wondered where Enapter came from or what the Phi Suea House is, we have the perfect read for you.

What the hydrogen: We think hydrogen should only be green but it’s undeniable that Fortescue Future Industries is also bringing plenty of colour to renewable H2.

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