The AEM Multicore: Produce Megawatt-Scale Green Hydrogen. Simply. Rapidly. Anywhere.

The AEM Multicore uses many AEM Electrolyser cores for optimum reliability and reactivity to fluctuating renewable energy: Green hydrogen that never sleeps! Make up to 210 Nm3/h of green hydrogen an hour (450 kg/d) at 99.999% purity with our 1 MW AEM Electrolyser.

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Get the most green H2 from intermittent renewable energy

The AEM Multicore uses many electrolyser cores for a more resilient & reactive system that runs at optimal efficiency no matter the load applied. Save money compared to similarly-sized PEM electrolysers while maximising H2 production with industry-leading flexibility for fluctuating energy.

Ready when you are

Quick set-up with our containerised solution

Deploy MW-scale green hydrogen without the wait. This ready-made electrolyser offers you quick and easy setup so you can get on with making and using your green gas. It's designed to unlock both on-grid & decentralized applications, delivering on-site hydrogen where you need it.

Multiple AEM hearts

Flexible ramp-up, ramp-down

"AEM Stack" electrolyser cores are at the heart of all our green hydrogen generators. Our AEM Multicore has hundreds of them, mounted in "strings" of 10. Each string ramps up or down separately to get the most out of your renewable energy, no matter the energy load, and achieve massive system flexibility.

Maximum uptime

Built-in resilience

Resilience you can rely on: The modular design removes bottlenecks and single points of failure, all the way from stacks to Balance of Plant. Enjoy maximum uptime, even during servicing: You can work on individual strings of AEM Stacks while others continue generating green hydrogen for you.

AEM Multicore green hydrogen applications

Renewable energy storage for developers, utilities & communities. Optimise fluctuating renewables with green hydrogen storage for grid balancing, microgrids, curtailed power and supply of green gas. Unlock power-to-X, power-to-gas, commercial supply, heating & cooling use cases.

Industrial applications replacing grey hydrogen and natural gas. Use it for green ammonia production, as a carrier gas for semiconductors, in blast furnace injection for green steel, renewable methanol, biofuel and biogas production, as well as in glass annealing or as a chemical feedstock.

Hydrogen refuelling stations for private FCEV fleets or commercial users. With our AEM Multicore you can easily replace grey hydrogen refuelling, enable the switch from conventional combustion engine vehicles or make your own synthetic fuels and e-fuels.

Energy self-sufficiency for businesses and institutions. Use green hydrogen to unlock back-up energy, replace polluting diesel generators, research H2 solutions and energy independence, become completely energy self-sufficient, as well as unlock both on-grid and decentralised micro-grids


Production Rate

210 Nm³/h

Hydrogen Purity

99.9% (or > 99.999% with optional Dryer)

Outlet Pressure

up to 35 bar

Module dimensions (W x L x H)

2.438 m x 12.192 m x 2.591 m

Module weight (without water)

approx. 30 t

Enapter's green hydrogen solutions

The EL 4.0 Electrolyser is Enapter’s modular product – start small with one AEM electrolyser or stack more modules to scale hydrogen.

AEM Electrolyseur EL 4.0
AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0

Our electrolysers are hardware-software hybrids paired with our EMS Toolkit and apps for hydrogen on the go. Monitor your AEM Multicore from anywhere.

Energy Management System Toolkit
Enapter Energy Management System Toolkit

Take a look at our quality policy which guides all of our actions to achieve our mission replacing fossil fuels with low-cost green hydrogen.

The Enapter Quality Policy

AEM Electrolysers are already deployed across the globe. Read more about applications of our solutions and a selection of green hydrogen projects they’ve made possible.

Green H2 Applications