The AEM Multicore: Lowest-Cost Flexible Hydrogen at Megawatt-Scale

Our AEM Multicore is a megawatt-class electrolyser system stacking hundreds of AEM Electrolyser cores around a common balance of plant. Built-in redundancy for green hydrogen that never sleeps.

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Best price and flexibility for renewable energy water electrolysis

Cheaper than similarly-sized PEM electrolysers (and on par with alkaline systems), Enapter’s ready-made AEM Multicore unifies the best of water electrolysis technologies. The AEM Multicore is at the top of the field for rapid reaction to intermittent renewable energy loads, producing quality hydrogen with high efficiency in any context.

Effortlessly deploy large-scale green hydrogen – at the right price.

Modular to the core

The AEM Multicore uses 420 electrolyser cores for a more reliable and resilient system that runs at optimal efficiency no matter the load applied. Many individual cores – “AEM stacks” – make for a highly robust electrolyser.

These mass-produced stacks can either be individually equipped with a compact support system to produce modular EL 4.0 electrolysers or combined en masse with a robust balance of plant to create the AEM Multicore.

Specifications / Key Features

Low cost hydrogen

Very flexible operation

High efficiency

Maximum uptime

Production Rate

210 Nm³/h

Hydrogen Purity

99.8% (or > 99.999% with optional Dryer)

Outlet Pressure

up to 35 bar

Module dimensions (W x L x H)

2.438 m x 12.192 m x 2.591 m

Module weight (without water)

approx. 30 t

Easy software integration, remote and automated operation

Our electrolysers are hardware-software hybrids paired with our EMS Toolkit and apps for hydrogen on the go.

Energy Management System Toolkit

The EL. 4.0 electrolyser is Enapter’s modular product – start small with one AEM electrolyser or stack more modules to scale hydrogen.

AEM Electrolyser