The AEM Electrolyser:
Making Green Hydrogen Easy

Our plug & play AEM electrolysers turn renewable electricity and water into low-cost green hydrogen. At any scale, for any application.

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AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 to produce green hydrogen

Enapter AEM Electrolysers cover all hydrogen needs

Our modular, stackable electrolysers put you in control: Like solar panels, you can deploy single modules for smaller green hydrogen needs or reach megawatts of production capacity by combining many electrolysers.

AEM Electrolyser EL 4.0 front view

The EL 4.0 AEM Electrolyser

1 Module

Our EL 4.0 AEM Electrolyser is a compact solution for low-cost, high-quality hydrogen. Perfect for labs, power backup, residential storage and more. Easy to install, operate and integrate with software, this is a versatile building block for green hydrogen solutions.

Stack more modules

Several modules

The modular design lets you stack AEM electrolysers to produce any amount of green hydrogen. Great for small refuelling stations, seasonal energy storage, commercial and industrial applications. Hydrogen that never sleeps.

EL 40 Cluster AEM 70

Scale in containers

Dozens of modules

Up to 70 electrolysers can be stacked in a 20-foot container. Ideal for bigger refuelling stations, industrial use and any other situations calling for large amounts of green hydrogen. Also see our ready-made megawatt-class AEM Multicore electrolyser system.

Modular to the core

Mass-produced electrolyser core modules – the “AEM stacks” – are at the heart of our electrolysers and our business model. These powerful cores can either be equipped with a compact support system to produce modular EL 4.0 electrolysers or combined en masse with a robust balance of plant to create the megawatt-class AEM Multicore.

Specifications / Key Features

Enapter Datasheet EL 4.0

Scalable and modular

Safe operation

Quick and easy installation

Low maintenance requirements

Production Rate

500 NL/h or 1.0785 kg/24h

Hydrogen Purity

99.9% (or > 99.999% with optional Dryer)

Outlet Pressure

Up to 35 bar

Water Specification

<20 µS/cm (at 25°C)

Module dimensions

W:482 mm D:635 mm H:266 mm

Module weight (without water)

38 kg

Easy software integration, remote and automated operation

Our electrolysers are hardware-software hybrids paired with our EMS Toolkit and apps for hydrogen on the go.

Energy Management System Toolkit

Meet the AEM Multicore: Our ready-made megawatt-scale electrolyser system with 420 AEM cores.

AEM Multicore