Hyperion Motors: Hypercars

Los Angeles, USA

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When it comes to hydrogen mobility, plenty of attention is on established car makers. Manufacturers like BMW, Toyota, and Hyundai to name a few producing FCV’s. But they are not alone out there. Hyperion Motors has been working with NASA to develop space age technology for the road. Their hypercar will run on hydrogen fuel cell technology to deliver a sight the world has not yet seen. More details of the car to be revealed at the New York Auto Show 2020.

Enapter is working with Hyperion Motors to supply the hypercar with the clean fuel it needs for power. Stay tuned for more!

Tech Specs
Hyperion Motors

black and white aircraft on runway with mountains in background
Hydrogen aircrafts

United Kingdom

front of two AEM electrolysers inside a mobile hydrogen fuel station with the doors open
Fuel cell drone refueling

Liaocheng, China