Recruiting Process

Our recruiting process at a glance:

*We use this as a framework for our hiring processes. Please note that these steps may differ slightly depending on the particular job you are applying for.

Please apply via our application form. We don’t accept applications via email. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact



You apply for a specific job or send us a spontaneous application telling us why you want to join Enapter and what makes you the ideal candidate for this role.



We review your application based on criteria for our open positions.


First Call

You have an interview with HR, where we want to get to know you, as well as tell you more about us and the position you are applying for.


Meet The Team

You have an interview with your potential manager and colleagues.


Deep Dive

You receive a job-related task, get creative and present your results on site or online (e.g. via zoom) in a final interview.



Yes! Our team is one person stronger – welcome on board!