Hands on hydrogen workshops
8-10 October 2019

Building a microgrid without fossil fuels isn’t possible? Think again! We built a solar-hydrogen-micgrogrid with our partners in a matter of hours to show how versatile the energy carrier hydrogen is. In the spirit of the role that green hydrogen will play, we hosted The Big Thing in Thailand, a full week of events where hydrogen took center stage. Team Enapter and participants dove into hydrogen use cases, technology and finance. Our aim was to inspire a hydrogen mindset, demonstrate the reality and introduce the team tirelessly advancing the technologies. Get a glimpse of the week here, with takeaways to download in each workshops.

Enapter is proud to be one of the winners at New Energy Challenge 2018!
18 October 2018
Competing with more than 300 companies working on the future of energy, Enapter reached the finals in Amsterdam and placed in the top 3. The team won a cash prize and a tailored mentorship by Yes!Delft.
Enapter’s unique Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyser is the ideal technology for decentralized production of hydrogen and high capacity renewable energy storage systems.
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Name of exhibition Date Location Participation
FC Expo 2020 -

Tokyo, Japan

Energy Storage Europe -

Düsseldorf, Germany

CHFCE Beijing 2020 -

Beijing, China

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