Enapter Announces Partner Programme

Fourteen international companies are the first to join the initiative

July 7, 2020

Berlin (July 7, 2020); Enapter today launches its Partner Programme to bring green hydrogen solutions to the market fast. An initial 14 partners will collaborate with Enapter to deliver their patented AEM electrolysers in various hydrogen applications. The programme is designed to enable partners around the world to provide the best customer-centric solutions for today’s rapidly changing markets.

The first 14 companies to join the programme are Elektrik Green, Creo Group, MBRG, H2Vector, Umstro, PowiDian, GRZ Technologies, Edu-Tek, H2X, Pestech, ProfiNRG, Beijing SinoHY Energy Co, Beijing Shenqian Technology and Home Power Solutions (HPS). Representing Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania, they will showcase the power of green hydrogen across different markets. Enapter will provide in-depth training on how to integrate their patented AEM electrolysers in many applications. Partners will be guided through the Enapter Energy Management System (EMS) which offers seamless integration of the electrolysers. The EMS is an integral part of the overall system, allowing users to manage all devices in their renewable energy setup by mobile app, anywhere in the world. By educating partners on the hardware and software hybrid, they can offer customers the best products and overall solution for that industry.

‘‘We are thrilled to build a strong network of partners through the programme’’, said Thomas Chrometzka, Head of Strategy at Enapter. ‘‘It is an intrinsic step to expanding our presence in the market. We will rely on our certified partners to create exceptional customer service and deliver the best green hydrogen solution to suit individual needs.’’

The programme is open to partners from all countries and for all applications that require hydrogen. It will highlight green hydrogen as the most viable fossil fuel alternative which is carbon free. Green hydrogen is central to enabling a clean energy transition, reaching the net zero target and completely replacing fossil fuels. By partnering with industry leaders and expert businesses, green hydrogen can be more readily integrated into existing and current infrastructures. As well as heightening public awareness around green hydrogen, it runs parallel with Enapter’s scaling of production which is set to drive down hydrogen prices to become cheaper than fossil fuel based energy. This will ultimately lead to the AEM technology being offered at the lowest possible price.

Read more about the Enapter Partner Programme here.

About Enapter 

Enapter is an award-winning company. It manufactures highly efficient, modular hydrogen generators using Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysis. Its core technology has a 10-year proven track record. It is the foundation for the unique low-cost, compact electrolyser. They are used internationally in industries like energy, mobility, telecommunications, heat and more. Enapter has offices in Italy, Germany, Thailand and Russia. Enapter plans to open its office in Japan mid-2020.


Vaitea Cowan, Head of Communications: vaitea@enapter.com (+49) 030-339-413-80.