10th January 2020

Enapter’s Chairman Sebastian-Justus Schmidt on Using Hydrogen Electrolyser Technology for Storing Energy Sustainably

10th January 2020

Schmidt: "Uns geht es um die Dekarbonisierung weltweit"

15th October 2019

Morals And Money Will Escalate The Pace Of The Hydrogen Economy

08th October 2019

The Hydrogen Economy Is Within Grasp And Progressive Energy Companies Know It

16th August 2019

H2-view.com interview - Exclusive: EGAT and Thailand as a lighthouse-nation for green micro-grids

10th April 2019

SET Award 2019 zeichnet fünf Start-ups in den Bereichen Klimaschutz und Energiewende aus

10th April 2019

SET Award 2019: Enapter, Blixt, Planet Ark Power, Bodawerk und Divine Bamboo ausgezeichnet

09th April 2019

Innovation takes center stage at Berlin Start-up Energy Transition Festival

27th March 2019

Hydrogen from renewable sources will play an important role to achieve 100% renewable energy

31st January 2019

DNV GL is the First Customer to Deploy Enapter’s Electrolyser to Heat Homes with 100% hydrogen

17th December 2018

全球脱碳过程中,绿色氢能所扮演的角色 - Chinese translation from Cleantech.com

13th December 2018

Cleantech.com - The Role of Green Hydrogen in Global Decarbonization

16th May 2018

Aus ACTA wird Enapter

24th April 2018

Enapter in Business Wire - Enapter在2018年汉诺威工业博览会上展示其阴离子交换膜(AEM)电解槽

23rd April 2018

Hannover Messe Enapter 5 minutes elevator pitch

23rd April 2018

Hannover Messe official Youtube channel