Handelsblatt – Can Hydrogen Save the Climate in the Home? Here’s What the Experts Say

Fuel cells as energy storage in homes are considered too inefficient and too expensive. But researchers and start-ups want to disprove skeptics

September 15, 2021

Jan-Justus Schmidt wants to pave the way for local production of green hydrogen, i.e. based on green electricity. The founder and CEO of the start-up Enapter is dedicated to the mass production of electrolysers. “The production of hydrogen should become so cheap that it can compete with fossil fuels,” Schmidt says.

Construction of the 105-million-euro Enapter Campus in Saerbeck, Westphalia, began Tuesday. Enapter plans to produce 10,000 electrolysers a month here in the first stage of expansion. The price per unit is then to drop from the current 9000 euros to 2500 euros. “With these costs, decentralized use is economical,” says Schmidt. Modularity should help to quickly assemble electrolysers in the desired dimension. “Our role model here is the PC or photovoltaic industry.”

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Written by Thomas Mersch