Since the beginning of Enapter we have been sharing our learnings, achievements, and goals. Simplicity and transparency are core principles we embrace on our mission. In the spirit of our core values, and since we are growing so fast, we felt compelled to write down and share why we are doing what we are doing. We have created a White Paper to break down Enapter’s reason for being and our strategic approach. We outline how we plan to change the energy world for the better with clean hydrogen fuel for a growing global population.

Today’s energy world is changing – solar and wind are now the cheapest ways of generating power. While this is great, electricity only accounts for a third of global energy consumption, we must still decarbonize fuels and gases. We are describing in the paper, how we are scaling production to drive down the cost of green hydrogen. Accelerating energy transition is our priority and we are leveraging the advantages of AEM electrolysis to do so. We are entering the mass production phase with our compact, standardised, and modular electrolysers. Unlike other electrolysers, these features ensure a quick and nimble setup in any industry. The AEM electrolyser is the first on the market with an easy to integrate software platform. It produces ultra-pure hydrogen with zero carbon emissions using renewable energy.

The electrolyser is already globally deployed, delivering energy independence to a broad range of sectors. It is used for transport, fuel for heating, energy storage, mobility, and power-to-gas. The built-in software provides monitoring and control to manage the entire energy system. These unique benefits allow us to build the electrolyser as a product (and ultimately a commodity) with our soft-ware becoming the operating system for all energy systems.

With our platform-based approach, we aim for production facility concepts that can be easily replicated around the world to allow local owners and partnerships to quickly scale green hydrogen production. When serial production has been reached, automated production is next. Another key focus is the Enapter Campus which will comprise a “Life Cycle Zero CO2 Impact” fully powered from renew-ables and with full recyclability of our products. It will become a blueprint for sustainable industrial production and R&D.

The Enapter White Paper is the summary of what we believe in and our roadmap of how we will achieve it. Our methods may change throughout time, but our principles and why Enapter exists will not.

Read the Enapter White Paper here.