Enapter AG increases order volume for AEM Electrolysers by over 700%

Almost 75% of the order volume is attributed to orders for megawatt-class multicore devices (AEM Nexus). The remaining share was generated from sales of the single-core AEM EL 4 electrolysers.

April 11, 2024

  • Order volume for incoming orders in Q1 amounts to nearly €9.3 million.
  • Approximately three-quarters was made up of orders for AEM Nexus multicore electrolysers
  • 60% of orders are from new customers.

Berlin, April 11, 2024. Enapter AG (ISIN: DE000A255G02) recorded incoming orders of €9,287,000 in Q1 2024,compared to €1,270,000 in the previous year. This corresponds to an increase of around 730% compared to Q1 2023. Almost 75% of the order volume is attributed to orders for its AEM Nexus megawatt-class multicore devices. The remaining share was generated from sales of the compact singlecore AEM EL 4 electrolysers.

New customer business accounted for a total of 60% of all incoming orders. A large portion of the orders came from Europe and the USA, with USA orders totalling around €1.5 million having been generated through Enapter’s USA general distributor, CleanH2 Inc. (see announcement from 28.12.2023). The electrolysers are planned to be used to produce green hydrogen for various applications, such as maritime refuelling and industrial metalworking.

Jürgen Laakmann, CEO of Enapter: “We are currently gaining more new customers who require hydrogen in the megawatt range for their industrial production. At the same time, long-standing customers are also placing larger orders for additional projects. Many of these new customers also chose our products because they are iridium-free. This demonstrates that the market is not only growing rapidly but also that our technology fully meets customer requirements in various application areas. We are very grateful to all new and existing customers for the trust they have placed in us and continue to work in line with customer requirements to achieve the highest standards of quality in our products.”


Enapter is an innovative energy technology company that manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators – known as electrolysers – to replace fossil fuels and thus drive the global energy transition. Their patented and proven Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology enables the series and mass production of cost-effective plug-&-play electrolysers for green hydrogen production at any scale and any place. Their modular systems are already used by more than 340 customers in 50+ countries, in the energy, mobility, industrial, heating and telecommunications sectors. Enapter has its main office in Germany as well as an R&D and production site in Italy. Enapter AG is listed on the regulated market of the Frankfurt and Hamburg stock exchanges, WKN: A255G0, ISIN: DE000A255G02.

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