Enapter Q1 orders boom 700+%, our Hannover Messe recap & much more

April brought plenty of excitement for Enapter, between some excellent news to share about our booming sales, our attendance of the biggest event of the year – Hannover Messe – and visits from our partners from China and South Korea. We’re sharing all that and more below; let’s go.

May 7, 2024

Enapter increases AEM order volume 700+%

We’re very proud to report that Enapter received orders totalling €9,287,000 in the first quarter of 2024 – which corresponds to a year-on-year increase of around 730% (up from € 1,270,000).  

Almost 75% of the orders are for our multi-core electrolysers, which feature many AEM Stacks for optimum reliability and reactivity to fluctuating renewables. The AEM Flex 120 electrolyser enables streamlined trialling of green hydrogen production with an output of ~54kg/day, while the AEM Nexus 1000 system operates in the megawatt range. Our compact EL 4 devices made up the rest. 

Enapter was able to generate 60% of orders from new customer business, with a majority of orders coming from Europe and the USA. The recently purchased AEM Electrolysers will produce green hydrogen for various applications as wide ranging as maritime refueling and industrial metalworking. 

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Hannover Messe – Event Recap

Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe at Hannover Messe is always a whirlwind of sales, exchanges with existing partners and a chance to talk shop with reps from the entire industry. 2024 was no exception, but something was different:

The hydrogen industry is growing up.

While last year guests were still in research mode, this year visitors already had concrete projects and demands in mind – and were looking for suitable solutions

Moreover, AEM is on the rise – we saw a lot of new players who are starting to follow our example and begin with AEM, due to growing awareness of its benefits and also due to challenges facing PEM electrolysers.

Global partnerships are even more important.

Many of our partners also showcased Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers onsite – leading our technology to dominate across the hydrogen fair! A big thank you to JAG, Fuel Cell Systems, H2 Core, Hephas Energy, Cosber, GKN and the many others who visited us.

When customers want to implement green hydrogen projects, they require competent integration partners. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we’ve already deployed 5,000+ units worldwide.

If you missed us at Hannover Messe, start your green hydrogen journey here

Diesel, transition & AEM electrolysers

In Japan, diesel engine pioneer and global machinery manufacturer Yanmar is transforming its business, in part with the Yanmar Clean Energy Site in Okayama – and Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers.

The 1,000m² testing centre for clean energy technologies will carry out development and testing of tech like combined hydrogen power generation systems and battery storage, with 28 of Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers used in a cluster to produce onsite green hydrogen. Get all of the details here.

Explore dozens more real-world green hydrogen use cases on the Enapter website.

We’re Iridium-free – say what?

You may have heard that Enapter’s AEM Electrolyers are Iridium-free. But what does that actually mean? Why is it important? And what does all this have to do with the extinction of the dinosaurs?

We’ll tell you this much up front: Not having to use this extremely rare and expensive metal gives us a significant price and supply chain stability advantage.

For the rest, check out our Iridium slideshow on LinkedIn – and don’t forget to follow us.

Upcoming Enapter events

Upcoming Enapter partner events/exhibitions 

26-27 June, H2 Core Systems at Hydrogen Technology Expo, Houston, USA 

26-27 June, CleanH2 at Hydrogen Technology Expo Houston, TX, USA 

9-12 September, H2 Core Systems at RE+, Anaheim CA, USA 

Partners Wolong and YEST visit Saerbeck

In the last weeks, we’ve been fortunate to have visits from both our South Korean partner YEST, as well as Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd., with whom we created a joint venture (JV) in China.

YEST visited in preparation for the deployment of two of our AEM Nexus megawatt-scale electrolysers in 2025. The systems will be used in a 12.5 MW hydrogen pilot project on Jeju Island, with Enapter the only European company involved and YEST carrying out the installation. 

Wolong visited to kick off our JV with engineering workshops at both our facilities in Pisa and Saerbeck. The JV already sold the first AEM EL 4 electrolysers in China and now focuses on Enapter’s multi-core devices, in particular our megawatt-class AEM Nexus 1000.  Our JV will acquire AEM Stacks from Enapter and then produce our AEM Electrolyser products locally in China for the Chinese market, with the first localised 1MW AEM Nexus 1000 to be delivered already later this year. 

We’re proud of our strong relationships with our integation partner network – and always looking for new professional partners, so enquire about joining Enapter’s partner network today.

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Job Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented new additions to our team, and here are our picks of our job openings for this month:

R&D Test Engineer (Italy)

IT Systems Administrator (Italy)

Elektriker für Gebäudetechnik (Germany)

If you don’t see the right position for you, please check out all of our open positions here.

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