Enapter chalks up first big deals with US sales partner – and 270+ electrolysers for France

Enapter has recently had some impressive numbers to share from both sides of the Atlantic – with the first business activities of its new US partner subsidiary Clean H2 Inc. reported, as well as serious growth closer to home in France. Going beyond the figures, this month we’ve also got updates from the software world, new green hydrogen use cases from our partners and more. First, to the USA.

June 4, 2024

Clean H2 making waves in the USA

Following on from the US market cooperation agreement signed with Solar Invest International SE in December 2023, Enapter and Solar Invest have launched US business activities with Clean H2 Inc.

Solar Invest, the exclusive partner and authorized distributor of Enapter products in the US, established Clean H2 as a subsidiary to build the sales and service network within the US. Headquartered in Colorado, Clean H2 has already received orders for 2.3 MW of electrolysers worth USD 5.4 million and had a sales pipeline amounting to ~ EUR 8 million at the beginning of May.

The contracts include the provision, integration and first-level support for two AEM Nexus 1000 electrolysers and many EL 4 single-core electrolysers. AEM electrolysers from these orders are used in the heavy-duty transport and air transport sectors.

Clean H2 is already seeing great interest for Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers in the US, as well as growth opportunities in connection with the US government’s Inflation Reduction Act – which provides for a significant expansion of renewable energies and the promotion of hydrogen applications.

To start your US hydrogen project, get in contact with Clean H2.

Green hydrogen turns tricolour: France deals

We’re happy to share that Enapter further expanded its French business activities in the first months of 2024, with contracts signed for over 270 AEM Electrolysers. Demand for our single-core AEM EL 4 is growing in France, with a year-on-year Q1 increase in order volume of around 330%.

First up, we signed a supply contract for 176 AEM EL 4 electrolysers with PowiDian Energy, a long-standing certified Enapter partner and system integrator. Diverse applications are planned, and a large part of the delivery will consist of Enapter’s water-cooled AEM EL 4 LC variant.

Another 63 compact single-core electrolysers were ordered by the French project developer CORSICA SOLE, and will be integrated by HENSOLDT in France in the Folell’Hy H2 production pilot project to make use of excess solar electricity. The green H2 produced will be used in maritime mobility.

In addition, our partner H2Gremm has ordered 40 AEM EL 4 electrolysers. The company develops turnkey hydrogen-based mobility solutions and applications in the home sector.

Are you also looking for electrolysers or integration partners for French hydrogen projects? Then reach out to our partners directly or request your quote below.

The latest Enapter software news

Our single-core electrolyser platform has gotten a software update that increases functionality and usability you can expect with the following features:

  • Connection to the Enapter Cloud over Ethernet BETA. Our clients can now choose between Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the Enapter Cloud. Please keep in mind that this functionality is still in beta and may require additional terms and approval.
  • OTA firmware rollback. Don’t worry about power outages or loss of connection during firmware updates – if it happens, the OTA process will automatically restore the latest installed firmware without contacting Enapter Customer Support.
  • Use the Web GUI to navigate through the critical event log. The Web GUI now allows you to check the persistent log for up to 1000 of the most recent critical issues that have occurred with electrolyser. No connection to the Enapter Cloud is required!

You can find more details in the Enapter Handbook, and if you want to catch up on what new developments are coming up, you can also sign up to our quarterly software newsletter.

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New H2 use cases from our partners

In continuation of the US theme this month, the first green hydrogen use case takes us to Texas:

California-based HNO International (HNOI) successfully demonstrated their clean H2 refuelling solution with Total Hydrogen Solutions in Texas. Their Compact Hydrogen Refueling Station is a space-efficient solution producing green hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen combustion engine vehicles and other fuel cell applications. Read more here.

Meanwhile, in Italy, our partner Hybitat has created an H2-based energy storage system for residential, commercial & public buildings – to enable both grid independence and cost savings. Their standardised systems fit the typical requirements of a private home, and multiple modular units can meet increased storage and power needs. All the details here.

Get started with your green hydrogen use case here.

Clean H2 at Hydrogen Technology Expo, Texas

We’re excited to announce that off the back of its initial success, Clean H2 will also be presenting our AEM technology as an exhibitor at Hydrogen Technology Expo, also in Texas, from June 26-27.

Clean H2 will share the latest updates on our AEM Nexus megawatt system, our Flex 120 electrolyser offering 70kW to 480kW, our compact AEM Electrolyser EL 4 and our Energy Management Software Toolkit (EMS Toolkit) solution.

Secure your free ticket now, and don’t miss the opportunity to chat with the Clean H2 business development team and Julian Molz from Enapter. They will be available for a limited number of in-person meetings.

Book your meeting slot at Hydrogen Technology Expo below.

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Job Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented new additions to our team, and here are our picks of our job openings for this month – this time with a focus on Italy:

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