A month of big news across the entire Enapter product line

The action at Enapter is accelerating as the end of the year approaches, with big news coming out regarding our entire AEM electrolyser product range.

December 5, 2023

From the delivery of the very first AEM Flex 120 to the naming announcement for our containerised multi-core electrolyser the AEM Nexus, and AEM Electrolyser EL 4 use cases, you’ll find all the news below!

First AEM Flex 120 delivered

We’re excited to share that we’ve delivered the first AEM Flex 120 electrolyser to the pioneering customer ABC-Klinkergruppe, who will use it to replace natural gas in their operations. The innovative green hydrogen production system is expected to be up and running at the company’s site in Hörstel, Germany by the end of the year, and this brick producer plans to immediately start decarbonising its manufacturing process

With the AEM Flex 120, we are addressing the market gap between the AEM Electrolyser EL 4 (1 kg/day) and our megawatt-scale AEM Nexus 1000 (450 kg/day). It can produce around 53 kg of hydrogen per day, corresponding to nominal power of 120 kW, with a purity of 99.999% (when combined with optional dryer) at an output pressure of 35 bar.

This skid-mounted electrolyser is a self-contained and ready-to-use product that allows industrial companies and energy developers to quickly start producing low-cost green hydrogen. Get all of the technical info here.

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It’s called the AEM Nexus

To more effectively communicate our growing range of innovative AEM offerings, we have renamed our containerised multi-core system from “AEM Multicore” to “AEM Nexus”.

As a result of this renaming, we are proud to introduce two key variants within the AEM Nexus Series:

AEM Nexus 1000: This is our well-known 1 MW system, producing 450 kg of H2 daily, offering high-performance and reliability for green hydrogen projects.

AEM Nexus 500: This smaller variant offers the same cutting-edge technology and reliability with a capacity of 500 kW and produces 225 kg H2/day.

If you’d like to discuss how the AEM Nexus can best meet your specific needs, request your quote today.

Partner Announcement Valcon – Czech Republic

Our new certified partner Valcon International s.r.o. was founded in in Prague in 2001 and has been active in hydrogen since 2018. Their experienced engineering team targets the power generation and distribution industries, thermal and heat applications, boilers and turbines, and more. They offer turnkey process automation services, and their remit includes project to equipment specification, equipment acquisition, installation, start up and commissioning, and optimization. Read more about them here.

Use Cases in Taiwan and Japan

Our partner Hephas Energy is helping Taiwan towards its target of 25% renewable energy by 2025 with an important showcase that features 20 AEM Electrolysers. Within the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) has a research building with a 1MW PV system. Together with Hephas Energy, we have installed 20 AEM Electrolysers EL 4 with a capacity of 50kW. Powered by excess solar energy, ITRI produces onsite green hydrogen in a containerised solution, read more here.

Enapter’s Japanese integration partner Mikuni Kikai Kogyo Co. Ltd is helping the major Japanese construction company Obayashi Corporation develop its green energy business with our AEM Electrolysers. Obayashi Corporation is focusing more and more on renewable energy sources for their projects, which is why Mikuni has installed a demo hydrogen generation system at Obayashi Technology Research Institute in Tokyo, supplied by a 6 kWp solar array and commercial grid electricity. Read more about the project here.

Launch your green hydrogen projects swiftly & simply with the AEM Electrolyser EL 4.

EU Hydrogen Week takeaways

Enapter’s co-founder Vaitea Cowan was in Brussels for the EU Hydrogen Week and took to the stage for an electrolyser panel alonside other players in the industry.

Alongside hearing insights from our industry colleagues, there was plenty to hear from the European Commission’s Director General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Kerstin Jorna. Her take: With the Net Zero Industry Act, permitting should take less time. Derisking packages are also put in place, offering up to €23 Million via Invest EU. A “Sovereignty seal” is also being developed, so that if a company applies for a funding program, they would be eligible for a label that simplifies the process to apply to other programs. This is under the “STEP” initiative to be agreed by heads of state. In the long term, they want to create a backoffice in the EU to make it easier to get support.

Of course, Vaitea also had plenty to share on the topic of European hydrogen:

“We have commercialized the AEM tech, and to date, Enapter has delivered more than 3,700 units. All of which were manufactured in Europe. All of which is value creation made in the EU”

That said, this is what we have achieved today but when we look at the growth required ahead to scale up our production and keep developing the AEM technology, then we see an opportunity for Europe to support us. We are the first AEM manufacturer, and first off-grid manufacturing plant, so this is an invitation. More generally speaking, we need to close the regulatory framework gaps and investments gaps for all players in Europe, if we there should be any technological leadership here.

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye on the following big dates on our event calendar to meet us in person:

  • 07-08 Dec: Harnessing Hydrogen’s Potential, Kuala Lumpur
  • 19-20 Feb: H2 Forum, Berlin
  • 28 Feb-01 Mar: FC Expo 2024, Tokyo

As always, find all upcoming events on our website here.

The latest from HR

In light of reports of a recent HR scam, please keep in mind that our application process is exclusively conducted through the HR portal enapter-gmbh.breezy.hr, and emails are only sent from @enapter.com.

Check out this month’s selected open roles below:

Enapter Blueprints allow the integration of various devices (electrolysers, power meters, inverters, batteries, sensors, etc.) into the Enapter Cloud platform. Our software team has handpicked their most popular Blueprints created by our team and their contributors below. Check out the most suitable blueprint for your green hydrogen project in our Enapter Blueprint Marketplace and join the software team community of makers in Discord.

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