Enapter AG sells 1MW electrolyser to UK firm after AEM Multicore demo

Intelligent Energy Ltd. will use the AEM Multicore to generate hydrogen for the testing of its zero-emission fuel cell products with a particular focus on their IE-DRIVE™ and IE-FLIGHT™ development programmes for transport, stationary power, and aviation industries.

Giugno 27, 2023

Enapter and Intelligent Energy
  • Purchase by hydrogen fuel cell developer and manufacturer Intelligent Energy Limited (IEL)
  • AEM Multicore delivers 1 megawatt of green hydrogen electrolysis capacity
  • Hydrogen will be used to test innovative fuel cells, helping to scale up H2 ecosystem

Berlin, July 03 2023. Enapter AG (ISIN:DE000A255G02) has received an order from the United Kingdom firm Intelligent Energy Limited (IEL) for the delivery of an AEM-Multicore™️ electrolyser with a total capacity of 1 megawatt. IEL develops and manufactures lightweight hydrogen fuel cell products for diverse sectors and will use the AEM Multicore to generate hydrogen for the testing of its zero-emission fuel cell products. The high-purity hydrogen will support the company’s full product range with a particular focus on their IE-DRIVE™ and IE-FLIGHT™ development programmes for transport, stationary power, and aviation industries, in addition to being used in Final Acceptance Testing of their fuel cells. Delivery is planned for 2024.

David Woolhouse, CEO of Intelligent Energy Ltd.: “We are very pleased to order our 1MW electrolyser from Enapter. The flexibility of the AEM Multicore system – with its superior efficiency and proven core life – provides us with exactly what we need to test our fuel cell systems up to 300kW. The customer focused attitude of the team at the Enapter Campus in Saerbeck made it a straightforward task to specify this key piece of plant for Intelligent Energy.”

The order comes off the back of May’s official inauguration of the first AEM Multicore in Saerbeck, Germany – the home of the Enapter Campus where pre-series Multicore production is taking place.
The AEM Multicore is a cost-effective alternative to conventional megawatt-class electrolysers. It features 420 core modules – so-called “AEM stacks”. These are combined into a total system that can produce around 450 kilogrammes of green hydrogen per day with a purity of 99.999 per cent. By scaling up many small units into one large system, Enapter can significantly reduce the cost of green hydrogen. With high-purity hydrogen that is ideal for fuel cell applications as well as flexible operation and high robustness unlocked by using many AEM stacks, the Multicore fits IEL’s needs perfectly.

As a long-standing and valued commercial partner, IEL’s fuel cells have been used alongside Enapter’s AEM Electrolysers in several projects already. The products are particularly easy to use together, with Enapter’s Energy Management System Toolkit featuring a dedicated EMS blueprint that enables the simple integration of IEL’s fuel cells in any system. Both companies place great importance in not just scaling up production of their respective products but also in collaboration towards growing the green hydrogen sector as a whole.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Enapter: “Intelligent Energy Limited has already been a valued partner of Enapter for several years, so we are delighted that they will be one of the pioneering users of our AEM Multicore as both companies scale up. On top of this, we are excited that the high-purity hydrogen it produces will contribute to the testing and development of their high-power fuel cells. It is collaborations like this that will advance the green hydrogen sector at the speed we need.”

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