White Paper Smart Microgrid

How to kickstart your sustainable microgrid management

Febbraio 22, 2021

Microgrids have already become an integral part of the electricity landscape by providing reliable autonomy and clean energy. But they also need to become truly smart so that more people and businesses can safely embrace the technology and fully unlock its economic, ecological and societal benefits. Our Smart Microgrid White Paper outlines how intelligent microgrid operation translates into sustainable energy management, regardless of the energy source and storage components used.

While today’s microgrids are suited to both conventional and renewable energy use, their power increasingly comes in enabling higher utilisation of green electricity. But achieving this depends heavily on a smart energy management strategy.

Knowing what you want to achieve with your smart microgrid – from self-healing systems to autonomous optimisation of energy production and consumption – is essential for setting such a strategy. And the key for implementing it is an effective energy management system.

As the core of a smart microgrid, the energy management system is what will let you turn measurements into data, data into knowledge, and knowledge into action.

Our Smart Microgrid White Paper illustrates this with energy management and green hydrogen production solutions that have worked successfully around the world – and outlines Enapter’s vision of a grid management ecosystem which adds value to all stakeholders, from equipment manufacturers to system integrators and end users.

Read the Smart Microgrid White Paper here.