Urgency, Simplicity, Transparency

Enapter’s principles aren’t an afterthought — they shape everything we do

Gennaio 6, 2021

Our big, hairy audacious goal is to be responsible for 10% of global hydrogen generation capacity by 2050. We work towards the vision set by the Hydrogen Council, assuming a rounded-up goal of 20% of final energy demand met by hydrogen by 2050 that would lead to an annual CO2 reduction of at least 6 billion tonnes.

To be clear, it’s a stretch goal.

The Hydrogen Council predicts that final energy consumption will reach 180,000 TWh in 2050. If one-fifth of this is hydrogen and we want our electrolysers to cover one-tenth of that, that would be 3,600 TWh — the old-world energy equivalent of 2.1 billion barrels of oil every year.

With each Enapter electrolyser producing about 400kg of hydrogen per year with an energy content of 33kWh per kilogram of hydrogen, it would require more than 650 GW of electrolyser capacity installed by 2050. This means that, on average, we have to ship 9.13 million electrolyser modules each year for the next 30 years!

Our values and business practices both derive from and help form this audacious goal — to achieve it, it’s vital to follow our three tenets of urgency, simplicity and transparency.

These days, many companies seem to invent values based on what they think their customers want to hear. But we think values should come naturally. That’s why our first one stems from the need to act with urgent resolve — because climate change doesn’t wait.


Enapter only exists because we want to play a significant part in tackling climate change; leveraging the power of AEM electrolysers to help do this was the sole reason this company was founded. The climate crisis is a highly time-critical issue; the earth’s natural systems are fast approaching and passing tipping points that will lock in catastrophic warming impacts. Greenhouse gas emissions need to be cut drastically, immediately and at scale.

Our team recognises that rapidly ramping up production of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels is the only way we can fully decarbonise energy, keeping those billions of barrels of oil (and other fossil fuels) in the ground and their emissions out of the air.

And this is essential to our team. Many of us grew up or entered our professional lives as the world reached the tipping point of climate change awareness and the environments around us started to change under climate stress. We want to preserve the world we were raised in.

We act with urgency.


If we want to act with urgency, it’s pretty plain to see that we need to keep things simple. If we complicate things, it takes time, and we just don’t have it. So we’ve built a simple, modular and standardised electrolyser unit — one that can be mass-produced and stacked to provide as little or as much green hydrogen as needed, anywhere, anytime. One with plug-and-play capability and integrated software to make things as easy as possible.

It’s also why Enapter keeps contracts, purchasing and business decisions simple, and doesn’t offer hardware customisation, which is simply not needed with a modular solution.

Finally, we streamline the internal decisions we make in our daily operations. Each of us takes ownership for our ideas, we are encouraged to test things out and we skip the bureaucratic decision-making processes that would hold up these ideas and urgent work.

We opt for simplicity.


This leads to our company being transparent in what we do: People know exactly what to expect in working with Enapter, what it will cost and how it can help them achieve their clean power and energy independence goals. They know Enapter doesn’t provide hardware customisation — but that our partners stand ready to help integrate our hydrogen systems.

Internally, Enapter avoids secrets and silos: All conversations can be heard, all questions can be asked, and anyone can be approached, from our operations heads to the CEO. This lends us the internal clarity needed to keep operations simple and swift. We strongly believe that green hydrogen production systems need to be cost-effective to truly start displacing fossil fuels, which is also why we’re transparent with our rapidly-advancing plans for making this happen and our projections for reaching price parity.

Enapter is clear in what we want to achieve with Life Cycle Impact Zero — positioning our first mass-production facility, the Enapter Campus, for zero negative impact production. But we insist on transparency in recognising the long journey and many steps this will involve.

To achieve our massive goal, we need to act now, act simply and act with transparency. That’s why we’re not waiting for markets to change or governments to tax CO2; we’re forging ahead and making the decarbonisation change that we need to see happen. If you believe in this as much as we do, we’d love for you to join us – in our team, with our electrolysers, as part of our community.