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Containerised H2 system with diverse AEM electrolysers

Ancona, Italy

The headquarters of our Italian partner Loccioni, in Ancona, is home to a beautifully-integrated containerised solution for producing low-cost green hydrogen with AEM Electrolysers. This AEM Cluster is a 20ft container that houses 40 EL 4.0 electrolysers and is capable of producing up to 20 Nm3/h of H2. Loccioni built it up as a research system, designed to test all the different AEM Electrolyser modules from Enapter (AC, DC, air-cooled, liquid-cooled) in one container.

As an Enapter Certified Partner, Loccioni also offers integrated solutions to end customers, from smaller cabinet systems to larger AEM Clusters like this. Solutions from 2.4kW all the way up to a 100-kW system can be easily delivered without any long lead times. Additionally, containerised solutions in the MW range are possible thanks to the AEM Multicore.

Containerised H2 system with diverse AEM electrolysers